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Month: October 2009

Web Page Marketing: Getting Familiar with SEO and SEM Basics

Are you confused about SEO and SEM? There’s a lot to learn and even the terminology can be confusing. Here, we present the basics in terminology and process to help get you started. Often people will find your website by doing a search on a search engine – such as Google or Firefox.

No doubt you’ve done searches yourself by typing a word or words onto the search page and then looking at all those thousands of results. Because there are so many web pages on the Internet the goal is to get your site positioned toward the top of the search results list. So, how do you do this? With SEO and SEM.

Video: Edit a Business Card Design in Less than 5 Minutes

Not too long ago we did a post of 20 Awesome Business Card Designs, All Between $1 to $4 Each, where we provided you links to 20 cool designs all under $4. Check it out, if you didn’t see it. In this video you will learn how easy it is to edit one of those business card designs, upload it to the Next Day Flyers’ site, and then see how the finished product will look.

Twitter News: Twitter, Microsoft and Google Walk into a Bar…

So, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google, walk into a bar together. Then Google says, “Hey, Twitter, how about you let me use your data for my search engines?” And Microsoft says, “Yeah, great idea. How about it?” Twitter smiles and says, “Yes. Let’s do it.”

All joking aside, according to the Increase Visibility blog, Twitter did make an agreement allowing Google and Microsoft to access the Twitter database. What does this mean for you? Good news if you use Twitter and your tweets are public because your tweets can now start showing up on search engine results when people search for a related topic.

Holiday Email Marketing – HoHoWhat? Already?

Last year we did some holiday marketing articles for those who tend to procrastinate, such as Last Minute Marketing (well, hey, we are Nextdayflyers after all). No doubt, for the last minute planners in the group, we’ll do some similar marketing tips this year, as well.

However, for those who like to prepare ahead of time, here it is, the first of the 2009 Holiday Marketing Articles to get your seasonal campaign lights up, running and burning bright.

What Else is Google Up To? Just Put Your Lips Together and…Hum

According to, Google is just about to launch a music service in the United States (they have one in China but supposedly this one will be quite different.) Rumor has it, the announcement date for this service will be Oct. 281 and Google is partnering with iLike and Lala for this venture.

The Music Google, Google Audio, Hum a Little Google, or whatever it will be called, will be integrated into Google search and allow users to stream songs; it will mostly likely give the opportunity to purchase songs, too.

Google Sidewiki: If You Have a Web Site Read This

A new tool from Google just made controlling your brand online a little bit more challenging. Released on September 23,1 this toolbar-based plug-in allows you to add your own notes to any Web page – yours – mine – and anyone elses. In other words, “every page on your site now comes with a publicly accessible discussion board that cannot be moderated.”

I just tried it out for the first time and it’s simple to use. Basically, once you’ve added the plug-in, you go to a webpage and click on the Sidewiki icon; a sidebar will pop up alongside the webpage and you’ll see all the comments people have made. This means, every webpage is now social. So, even if you’ve been resisting the social marketing revolution, you’re in it now anyway. The question is – is that good or bad? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself…

Halloween Marketing Ideas: Go from Frightful to Delightful

There is no trick to deciding whether or not to market for Halloween. Halloween is a marketing scream coming in at a sweet 2.5 billion in sales, and candy is only around 1/3 of that.1 This means Halloween is second only to Christmas for generating income.

It’s the third largest party occasion (behind New Year’s and Super Bowl)1 and the 8th largest card-giving holiday.2 So, to take your Halloween campaign from frightful to delightful, here are some resources and Halloween ideas – our tips and treats to you.