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Category: Print Design

What’s Next: How to Create a Festive Holiday Care for Your Business

This is a great suggestion from Rachelle Harding because in just 16 weeks, the holidays of December will be upon us. When your business sends out holiday greeting cards to clients and maybe even prospects, it helps create a little bit of a relationship.

It helps differentiate your company from those that ignore the holidays. And companies of every size need a competitive edge to survive in these challenging economic times.

Letterpress Printing In Southern California: Opportunities to Get Involved

Many designers are getting caught up in the resurgence of this form of printing. Often, the style of letterpress is adopted by digital designers and reproduced via state of the art lithography for a mass audience. For those who are enthusiasts and for those who simply wish to gain an introductory knowledge of this art form, we announce these upcoming opportunities to learn and grow.…

Art of Design #32: Menu Design in America, 1850 to 1985

Back in the day, a menu was an integral part of the dining experience. After being led to your table, your maître d’ would proudly present you with a carefully designed culinary guide. At the pinnacle of their day, menus became treasured keepsakes and are a subject of many passionate collectors.…

Designing a Business Card That Suits You

A business card may very well be the most important marketing tool you’ll ever use to promote your company and yourself.

Business cards are used in a wide variety of ways to inform people about you and your organization. Chances are your business card may serve as artwork for a small publication’s "business card ad" pages. Prospects and customers need them so they can have your contact information. You’ll include them in letters and in the sales materials you leave with prospects.

It seems ironic that a document that is only 3½” x 2” has to “wear a lot of hats.” Here are some tips to consider when you design your business card. (Or have a professional design it for you.)

The Art of Design #31: Making the Cut

Business Cards. Gotta have one if you’re in business. Gotta have a really cool one if you wanna have people take notice and remember your business. Here are some of the better business cards that take advantage of the technique of die cutting. Yes, die cutting adds to the expense of your business card. But investing in the first impression can pay off. …

The Art of Design #30: No Budget? You need DIY Design 101.

Starting a small business? Launching a website? Then you’ll probably need a logo or some graphics to help create a business card, home page, brochure, letterhead, landing page, email or other promotional material or online presence.

If you don’t have the skills to design a logo, you can either deplete your already undernourished budget to have it done by a professional — or you can take matters into your own hands.…