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Category: Print Design

The Art of Design #30: No Budget? You need DIY Design 101.

Starting a small business? Launching a website? Then you’ll probably need a logo or some graphics to help create a business card, home page, brochure, letterhead, landing page, email or other promotional material or online presence.

If you don’t have the skills to design a logo, you can either deplete your already undernourished budget to have it done by a professional — or you can take matters into your own hands.…

Meet The Smart, Thrifty and Ecologically Friendly Type

Here’s an idea that is so simple, it’s almost hilarious! Yet it’s effective and can result in serious savings as well as being kind to the environment. It’s called Ecofont. (They arrived at the name by combining the eco from ecology and maybe economy and font as in type font.)

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The Art of Design #29: Wanna Be A Printhead? Then You Gotta Wear Your Printer’s Hat!

Long ago, printers couldn’t just grab a baseball cap with the company logo. They had to resort to what they had on hand. So those who worked in print shops, where the air was filled with an inky mist when the presses rolled, used what they had in abundance: paper!…

The Bumper Sticker Parking Lot of Fame

Long before drivers got into trouble for looking at cell phones and reading texts while driving around town, there was everyone’s favorite distraction: bumper stickers. Estimates peg the beginning of the bumper sticker era to coincide with the addition of bumpers to automobiles in 1927. While we have not yet found an official Award given to creative bumper stickers, we wanted to provide this amusing selection for your pleasure.

Dyslexic poets write inverse.

My car is a status symbol. The symbol of me being poor!

Insanity: a small price to pay for sheer brilliance!

I have an IQ in the top 2%. Who cares about the other 95%?

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Letterhead Design Tips & Tactics

Discerning people in the business world understand that a thoughtfully-designed letterhead makes a statement. It is a subtle one to be sure, but nevertheless, the letterhead delivers its own message regardless of the words that may be printed on it. Here are a few tips that will help you design a letterhead that reinforces your communications and your brand.

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