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A Guide to Creating Effective Company Greeting Cards

The holiday season is a great promotional opportunity for smart companies to get noticed. What better time to reach out to your clients than at a time when they are reevaluating their company budgets and business relationships.

If you’ve failed to impress a major client this year, it just might convince them to give you another chance. It is the season of forgiveness, after all! You’d be surprised what a difference a simple greeting card can make!

Make your company greeting cards stand out

Make it personalized! Do something that informs customers about the personality of your business. Use a fun office photograph that shows your employees having fun at the last year’s Christmas party or use a picture of a charity event that your company threw. And if you’d rather not use a photograph, why not have a designer create an original graphic that is personal to your brand or a funny seasonal cartoon to represent your business. The trick is to say something witty, sentimental, or sweet and to show your business in a positive light.

Don’t send something forgettable. A photograph of your building with a bit of snow on it, for instance, is a terrible idea! And you should always steer away from generic cards that anyone can buy at a store. It shows no effort at all and you can’t customize the images and message to suit your business brand. Store bought cards are a big waste of time. However, if you do choose to create custom cards, you need to be mindful of the messaging you’re using.

Personalize them

Use the opportunity to distribute your logo brand, number, website, contact, and other company information! Your card will likely sit on your client’s desk throughout December with your business details in constant view. Do yourself a favor and make your logo and contact details stand out.

A personalized card shows your clients that you’ve put some thought and effort into your cards. Clients will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to arrange a company photograph. While a photo of your employees wearing Santa hats or putting up a Christmas tree may not be the most original idea, it’s a darn sight more personal than a card that came out of a packet that you bought at Costco!

In comparison to store bought greeting cards, creating a custom greeting card at NextDayFlyers is a really smart thing to do. The likelihood is that you’ll have to write your personal greeting on each card! This adds up to a lot of work on your part.

Be original but tasteful
Although you want to make a statement, whatever you do, don’t send anything rude or offensive (sexy Santa’s or suggestive poems or messages is a really bad idea!) Be bold and original, but use your common sense when choosing a design. In business it’s always best to air on the side of caution. A rude joke is likely to offend someone. Why take that chance? Why lose a client?

Designing your cards

Unless you have a design professional that works for your company or you have excellent Photoshop or Illustrator skills, don’t try to design your greeting card yourself. I can almost guarantee that it won’t look professional. Treat your Christmas card design like any other design project and give it the importance that it deserves.

Design and send your cards to print early December
The ideal time to post your cards would be the 1st December. Keep procrastinating about getting a company picture taken or sending your design off to print, and you may be too late! By around the 19th December, people start to take their holidays. Past this point, there’s not much point sending a Christmas greeting card and I would advise that you consider sending a New Years card instead.

Most companies don’t go to the trouble of creating and sending holiday cards. This is a mistake. They’re missing out on the opportunity to interact and network with businesses and maybe even find some new clients. For the small amount of effort and cost that is required to create a company greeting card, it’s worth it.


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