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8 Fun and Easy Email and Twitter Marketing Resources

Even if you consider yourself an email marketing or Twitter newbie, you’ll find these resources fun and easy to use. From creating more powerful call to action buttons for your email, to cleaning up your Twitter stream so it doesn’t drive you crazy, you’ll be good to go.    

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Call to Action Buttons

Many people find that using buttons rather than text result in a higher click rate. At the site you can easily create a button.

Free Whitepaper on Tips to SuperCharge Your Call to Action Buttons

From Performable, the same company as above, this straightforward 21-page whitepaper will give you tips such as making sure the button size is large enough (and they give recommended size), to button location and color.


This is an awesome blog for anyone involved in writing any sort of copy (one of this author’s personal favorites).

Preview Your Emails

Email on Acid lets you take a look at your email in 48 variations, including some mobile devices. Free!

Twitter 1, 2

How Far Did Your Tweet Travel?

This tool (free for up to 50 tweets) is just plain fun. You search for a url, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag and you’ll get to see the reach and exposure for tweets.


This  tool allows you to unfollow twitter users who are inactive or who don’t tweet often enough.


Does your overactive Twitter stream have you weeping? Twalala lets you take more control by applying filters for individuals and keywords or  phrases (useful if you don’t want to know the ending of that movie) 

Free Twitter Designer

Update your Twitter design and  personalize in a professional way. Awesome!

There are many great resources available, even for beginners, so don’t let the techies scare you away! 


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