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Month: May 2016


Art of the Menu – 10 of the Most Inspiring Restaurant Branding Designs

This post presents some of the most outstanding restaurant branding and design you will ever see. The designs featured in this post are truly inspiring and artistic and were all created as part of larger branding campaigns; these menu designs reflect a certain graphic aesthetic that is mirrored in the furniture, décor, business cards, letterheads, cutlery, etc. If you are thinking about rebranding or are in the process of creating your own bar or restaurant empire, then look no further than these 10 incredible menu designs for inspiration.…

Basic SEO Concepts You Need To Start Paying Attention To

Recently updated on January 19th, 2018 at 11:59 pmWhat is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a term you are familiar with, but even the basic SEO principles you haven’t paid much attention to it. For one, when you check on websites specializing in SEO, you get all this technical stuff about…

Cool Zed Cards – Get FREE Comp Card Photoshop Templates for Actor Headshots and Model Promotion

Recently updated on September 17th, 2020 at 03:31 pm“Fame costs, and right here’s where you start paying…in sweat!” More than three decades after actress and dancer Debbie Allen said these words in the Fame TV series, it still holds true for everyone who wants to succeed. Exerting effort, both physical…