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Cool Zed Cards – Get FREE Comp Card Photoshop Templates for Actor Headshots and Model Promotion

Recently updated on September 17th, 2020 at 03:31 pm

“Fame costs, and right here’s where you start paying…in sweat!”

More than three decades after actress and dancer Debbie Allen said these words in the Fame TV series, it still holds true for everyone who wants to succeed. Exerting effort, both physical and mental, is important to achieve this much-coveted fame. For models and actresses, that involves creating a portfolio called comp cards that includes creative photographs of themselves, and marketing it to agencies.

What is a comp card?

A comp card, sometimes called a zed card, is one such portfolio. Acting both as a business card and a portfolio of the model’s best images, it is designed to give the client a quick glance at the model’s basic information and abilities. Aside from the photographs themselves, the layout of the photographs and the quality of paper used is crucial to leave a good first impression. Most photographers and designers offer comp card creation with the aid of a graphics editing software like Photoshop but each for a price.

Tips on using a comp card

The best thing to do is to do it yourself. This is the most cost-efficient, a necessity when you are starting out in the industry, and the result can be just as professional if you use the right tools. For some inspiration to get started, browse the templates below. We’re offering you comp card templates in Photoshop (.psd) format that let you add your own text and pictures for free. We know that show business is a tough and competitive industry, so hopefully, these awesome zed card templates will be a big step on your path to becoming a model, actress, or famous face.

Here are 3 comp card templates for Photoshop absolutely free.



free comp card template

free comp card template 2




free comp card template




free comp card templates

free comp card templates


If you don’t have Photoshop and don’t know anyone who can adapt these templates for you, we also have some online photo card templates that you can use to create a quick and easy zed card. Start yours at our half page flyer page.

Once your design is complete, make sure you use a high-quality printer that can print your cards on your tight timeline. This will ensure the colors are bright, your text is clear, and of course, that your photos look their best.

We’re excited about the outcome of your comp cards. If you use our templates, we’d like to see your work! Add your creations to the comments below.

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