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Mailer Packaging

For Products That Arrive in Style

When you need to make a lasting impression, ordinary boxes won’t make the cut. Big or small, products deserve to shine in gorgeous packaging that speaks value and quality. Surprise customers with a message printed inside and outside the box, and seal every delivery with logoed packaging tape. With our custom mail packaging supplies, every box opened is an experience to remember.

Mailer Boxes
Mailer Boxes

  • Assemble in seconds, without tape or glue
  • Print on white or kraft corrugated material
  • Ready to ship in 20-25 business days

Packaging Tape
Packaging Tape

  • Seal packages up to 30 lbs.
  • Activate strong adhesive with just water
  • One roll contains 100 ft. of tape

Deliver Satisfaction With Every Unboxing

Standout packaging makes the shopping experience more personal. A custom mailer box can make a product feel like it’s made especially for that one customer—an experience that would be remembered for a long time and shared online.

As the first thing that customers see, packaging should make a good first impression. Your customers have waited for days for their package to arrive. Build on the excitement by creating a mailer packaging design that entices customers to open the box with pleasure.

With NextDayFlyers’ custom mailer packaging, opening a package feels like unwrapping a gift. From mailer boxes to packaging tape, you can create designs that speak to your customers. See our customization options below and start working your magic into your branded packaging.

Mailer Packaging That Fits Every Need

Whether you sell subscription boxes or handmade products, a custom box and packaging tape combo will bring more customers to your business. This can help turn new customers into raving fans who will share their experience with your brand online and offline.

But at the base of it all, packaging serves as protection for your products. Whether it’s to secure products during shipping or deter theft, packaging products can help you bring products safely to customers’ homes. NextDayFlyers has two packaging options that you can choose from:

Mailer Boxes

A great backdrop for your logo or artwork, mailer boxes can help you win people’s hearts with a minimalist or full-on design. These boxes are great as subscription boxes, welcome kits, and even gift boxes. Printable inside and outside, mailer boxes allow you to turn both sides of the lid into a canvas for your message.

Our white and brown corrugated materials hold up well during shipping, so your products are protected from the moment they leave your warehouse to the time they are delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Mailer boxes are printed in 20 to 25 business days. In a rush? Choose Expedited Production to have your custom boxes ready to ship in just six to eight business days.

Packaging Tape

Custom packaging tape makes branding plain mailer boxes quick and easy. Add your logo in your desired repeat length, so customers can easily recognize your brand even before they open the package.

Made of reinforced paper, packaging tapes seal boxes and prevent theft. This water-activated tape has a strong and hard-to-remove adhesive that can seal packages of up to 35 pounds. Water-activated packaging tapes are ready to ship in six business days.

How Do I Design an Effective Mailer Packaging?

Done right, packaging and mailing products can encourage repeat purchases. If a product is put inside custom packaging, it feels more personal and is thus effective in turning new buyers into loyal customers.

What does effective mailer packaging look like? It differs from every brand, but here are three tips that can help take your packaging game to the next level:

  1. Determine your box size. This is the most important step as box dimensions (read as length x width x height) will determine whether products will fit in the box or not. Before deciding on the dimensions, you need to measure first the products that will go inside the box. As an example, a box with dimensions of 11” × 9” × 4” will have a front panel of 11” x 4” and a side panel of 9” x 4”. This box can fit an assortment of products—from skincare to fresh fruits.

  2. Keep the design simple. It may sound counterintuitive, but a pared-down design can be effective in communicating your message. Although a bold design may work (this depends on your brand), having competing elements in your artwork takes away the spotlight from the product, which is what you want to sell. Think about where you want your design to go. You can print inside and outside the box to give more.

  3. Make important information prominent. Your company name, business address, and contact numbers are essential information that must be reflected in your packaging. You can put this information on the mailer box lid or the packaging tape. If you’re active on social media, you can add your handles and popular hashtags. These will make it easy for customers to tag you on unboxing videos and photos.

Standout custom packaging makes products look and feel premium. It also makes the unboxing experience more special, giving you an edge over the competition. With NextDayFlyers’ custom printing services, you can create mailer packaging that draws attention to your brand. Take advantage of bulk printing and save more with every order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reposition the packaging tape once applied?
Our packaging tapes have an adhesive that instantly bonds with boxes as soon as it is water-activated. Once applied, the tape can no longer be positioned. This feature makes our packaging tapes tamper-resistant, so you can rest easy in knowing that your package is secure during delivery.

Would colors appear vibrant on kraft cardboard as they do on the white ones?
If you want colors to remain true on kraft material, add a white layer to your design. This way, the colors will appear saturated against the brown box.

Can I order a sample?
Yes, you can do so with mailer boxes. On the dropdown, choose 1 for the quantity. For sample boxes, production time is only three to five business days.

Do I need to pay for a template?
No, the dieline template is already included in the order. After checkout, you will receive a download link for your box template.

When will I receive my order? Delivery dates differ for every courier. However, we can help you get an estimated shipping time and date for your order. For packaging tapes, click the Get Delivery Estimate button and enter your ZIP code.