Can you explain the different window decal viewing directions?

For window clings, the viewing “direction” refers to the way you intend your printed piece to be viewed.Choosing the viewing direction is an important consideration because of the way window decals adhere to your store windows.

Our window clings use an adhesive-free static cling technology. Think of it as tiny suction cups that will cling to smooth surfaces, such as your storefront glass windows or display cases. This technology enables you to reposition your window cling easily and without glue residue.

There are two options for our window decal and window cling viewing directions.

Viewed Inside

If you wish to apply the cling to a wall or inside of a window where customers can view the image from inside the establishment, then choose the “Viewed Inside” option. For this option, the static cling technology would be applied to the back of your window decal.

Viewed Outside

Choose the “Viewed Outside” option if you intend to display your window cling to potential customers outside your store looking in. The static cling technology material would be applied in the front of your window decal, where your design is.