Do clear window clings have a nontransparent or translucent print?

You have control over what sections of your window clings or window decals are transparent. In the window clings or window decals page, set the material to 8 mil Clear Window Cling. Once done, you’ll be presented with a new drop-down list called “White Ink.”

Window Cling Transparency

There, you’ll have four different options. Choose one that reflects the desired effect:

  • Make Everything Transparent
  • Make Only the Background Transparent
  • Make White Areas on File Print Clear
  • Follow File Transparency Settings

By making everything transparent, you’re asking to have the entire design be see-through including text. If your artwork uses small font, this is not the ideal choice as the text becomes hard to read.

By making only the background transparent, the artwork stays as is while the background becomes see-through. This is the most popular option.

By making white areas on file print clear, the background as well as design elements that are white will become transparent. Everything else will remain as is.

The “Follow File Transparency Settings” option enables you to indicate in your design file what sections are to be transparent. If you need help with this option, feel free to contact us.