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Can you fold my cards?

Yes. We can fold cards for an additional charge. If you’d like to request this service please call a customer care representative at 800-251-9948. Please note that our Greeting cards are conveniently scored so they are easy to fold.

How long will it take to get my proof?

If you are sending press-ready digital files, a proof will not be sent unless you order one. Most proofs will be sent 24-48 hours after we receive your order.

If I do a mailing order will I get a confirmation that the cards were mailed?

Yes, upon request we can provide you with a statement from the postmaster.

What mailing services do you offer?

• Presort first class postage
• List Processing
• CASS certification
• Inkjet set-up and addressing
• Delivery to the post office

How do your mailing services work?

We recently introduced mailing services. With this new service we provide
one stop shopping for all of your printing and mailing needs. To use our mailing
service simply provide us with your mailing list. If you are a realtor your title company will usually provide this free of charge – If you are not a realtor you can obtain a list from a variety of sources one of the largest is infousa.com.