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Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging

Print Soap Packaging that Complements Your Product

Consumers ultimately choose and purchase soap for its scent and beneficial ingredients. But before you appeal to their sense of smell, you should create a product that instantly stands out from the shelves and appeals to all senses.

Soap packaging is equally important to convert those shoppers into customers. With custom soap boxes, you can capture the attention of your target market and set yourself apart from the competition. Custom packaging also conveys the quality of a product, and consumers naturally choose a soap that communicates safety and reliability.

At NextDayFlyers, you can easily order custom printed soap boxes in any design. Design according to the exact size of your product and customize in a wide variety of durable materials.

Whether your soap products are purchased in-store or online, we can produce custom boxes in materials and the right size to secure these items.

It’s easy to customize on our website. If you’re not ready to commit to print a large quantity, you can order sample boxes. We’ll produce the sample based on your specifications and send it to you in just a few business days.

How to Customize Your Soap Packaging

Let your brand’s personality shine through with custom soap packaging. Whether it's for retail or personal gifts and giveaways, custom boxes are a great opportunity to boost brand recognition.

Print inside and out. Our box printing services let you print in full color, on all sides of the packaging and add protective gloss, matte, or high-gloss UV coating to elevate the overall look.

Stand out with special finishes. We have a variety of printing features that can enhance your box designs such as spot UV, foil stamping, and embossing. These are available through custom quotes.

Ship safely with durable materials. If your products go through shipping and handling, our materials are guaranteed to protect your items until they reach your customers. We have thick corrugated cardboard that can withstand multiple handlings.

Promote sustainability. We use custom boxes sourced from recycled materials. These reusable materials are the perfect choice for organic and eco-friendly brands.

Design Custom Boxes Online

If you don’t have a design yet, it’s easy to create one from scratch on our website.

Choose your box specs. On the order calculator, select your medicine box printing specs. Be sure to review the box size, material, quantity, and printing turnaround time. After, click Design Your Box Online.

Design your box. You can start customizing your box using our 3D online design tool. This helps you view a simulation of your box with dielines so you can access and design all sides of your packaging. After you save your design and confirm your order, someone from our pre-press team will check and make sure your designs are ready for printing. Learn more about how to use our Custom Box Design Tool.

If you have questions or need some help getting started, just give us a call at 855-898-9870, Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT and our customer service team will assist you.


Can I order one sample box first?
Yes. NextDayFlyers does not require a minimum quantity to complete an order. You can order 1 sample box and we’ll print it based on your specifications. You can specify this option on the order calculator.

What’s the difference between cardstock and cardboard material?
Cardstock material is slightly thicker than paper board and comes in a variety of thickness options. It has a smooth surface but stays absorbent, which is ideal for high-quality colored printing. Protective coating options and special finishes can only be printed on cardstock material.

Corrugated cardboard material is highly durable and protects during shipping and handling. The surface is also highly absorbent for full-color printing but is available for protective coating options.

How do I measure my box size?
To accurately measure the dimensions of your box, follow these steps:

  • Measure the length from the left to the right side of the product.
  • Measure the width from the front to the back of the product.
  • Measure the depth from the top to the bottom of the product.

When will I receive my custom box order?
For sample boxes, we can have them ready for shipping in 3-5 business days. For standard orders, we’ll ship your boxes in 10-15 business days. You can also expedite production to 6-8 business days.

Will someone check my custom box design?
Yes, our pre-press team reviews each submitted design before printing. You can also request a free PDF proof file before confirming your order for production. This allows you to see how your boxes would look like as a finished product and check for any errors and necessary revisions. We highly recommend that you select free digital proofing to ensure your custom boxes will be produced according to your specifications.