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Book Boxes

Deliver great reads in eye-catching custom boxes

Custom Boxes

Customize book boxes that suit your products. Design with your logo or any pattern using our 3D design tool. Print in the exact size and measurements of your product.
Mailer Boxes
Mailer Boxes

  • Perfect for customer subscriptions
  • Easy assembly, no adhesives
  • Thick cardboard materials

Shipping Boxes
Shipping Boxes

  • Protects deliveries and shipments
  • White and kraft corrugated cardboard
  • Custom size options

Print Book Boxes for a Bespoke Experience

Whether you need book boxes for novels, boxed sets, or customer subscriptions, NextDayFlyers offers a wide variety of packaging solutions to help you create an impressive product presentation for your customers.

Custom box printing has plenty of benefits, such as boosting brand recognition and promoting loyalty through an enhanced customer experience.

Bundle box sets for customers. Book bundles are not only a great way to recommend novels with a similar theme, but they are also effective for promoting slow-moving titles. This box set method is widely used for books in the same series to encourage bookworms to purchase the entire collection.

Promote monthly book subscriptions. A popular way to promote new arrivals and up-and-coming authors, you can deliver an array of curated picks to readers every month. Adding your logo or a personalized message to custom book boxes can get customers excited as soon as they see your delivery arrive at their doorstep.

Create limited-edition gift packaging. Believe it or not, readers often judge a book by its cover. Showcasing your books in beautiful, limited-edition designs will make them ideal gifts for fellow booklovers and pique the interest of shoppers.

Try custom box printing today with NextDayFlyers. If you’re not ready to order a large volume, you can print a sample box and we’ll have it delivered to your address.

How to Customize Book Boxes Online

NextDayFlyers can produce custom boxes tailored to your preferred size, material, color, quantity, and design. From premium mailer boxes to corrugated shipping boxes, we offer a wide range of box styles and printing options you can choose from.

Choose from two (2) types of box materials: premium cardstock and corrugated cardboard.

  • Cardstock material comes in three (3) thickness options. This material comes with a smooth surface but stays absorbent, which makes it a great option for high-quality colored printing. Cardstock options come in 14 pt., 16 pt., and 18 pt., cardstock; the higher the number, the thicker the material. It is not as dense as corrugated cardboard, so cardstock is more ideal for single novels or a few, thin pocketbooks.

  • Corrugated cardboard is highly durable and sturdy enough to protect your items during shipping and handling. It comes in either white or kraft brown color, with both surfaces perfect for full-color printing. Corrugated cardboard can support multiple books so it’s ideal for big collections and mailer subscriptions.

It’s easy to order custom boxes on our website. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Select Your Box Specs. Use the order calculator on the product page to customize your box size, material, printed sides, and quantity. This will also automatically generate the price of your custom box order.

Step 2. Design Your Box. You can start customizing your box using our 3D online design tool. This helps you view a simulation of your box with dielines so you can access and design all sides of your packaging. After you save your design and confirm your order, someone from our pre-press team will check and make sure your designs are ready for printing.

Learn more about how to use our Custom Box Design Tool
Want to use a separate editing application? Click Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template to receive a blank template of your specific box dimensions.


Do I have to assemble the boxes myself?
Custom boxes are delivered flat to save space and prevent damage. You do not need to use glue to assemble because we use RSC boxes (regular slotted containers). Simply fold the flaps and insert them through the slots. If it’s a shipping box, fold the flaps in middle before sealing the bottom with tape.

Can I print on both the inside and outside of the custom box?
Yes, you can print on both sides of the box. Under Printed Sides on the online calculator, select Outside & Inside - Full Color.

Can I design my own box offline?
Yes, you can create your gift box design using your preferred design application such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. However, we recommend that you place an order with us first so we can send you a dieline template of your box specs. This will help you set up your design file properly, as it shows where the bleed, trim, and crease lines should be on your file.

How do I order a sample box?
It’s easy to order a sample box with your preferred printing specs and have it delivered to your address. On the order calculator, select “1 Sample” under quantity. Note that a sample box takes 3-5 business days to produce.

How many days does it take to produce my book box order?
The production time of 1 sample box takes 5 business days. Order quantities that start at 5 pieces and above take 10-15 business days to produce.