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Sample Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are the top packaging choice for many businesses, and for a good reason. They have become a vital tool for e-commerce as more and more brands are shipping goods across the country and around the world. It’s because boxes are so versatile and offer many benefits.

One of the most distinguishing advantages of custom boxes is the guaranteed safety of your products. With the digital market’s exponential growth, online purchases are coming in quick, customers want everything delivered just as fast and expect a valuable shopping experience. Custom boxes increase your product’s durability and keep them intact until they reach your customers. Whether they’re purchased instore or online, custom boxes are produced with the best materials and in the right size to secure these items.

As the digital market gets more saturated, brands look to custom boxes as one of the key strategies in competing to be the center of consumers’ attention. Custom boxes are packaging staples because they’re functional and easier to design. Unique packaging boxes can strengthen your brand and elevate the customer experience.

For custom boxes, look no further than NextDayFlyers. Create a product, mailer, or shipping box that’s tailored to your preferences in size, material, color, quantity, and design.

The best part is that it’s easy to customize on our website. If you’re not ready to commit to print a large quantity, you can order sample boxes. We’ll produce the sample based on your specifications and send it to you in just a few business days.

How to Order Sample Boxes With NextDayFlyers

Ordering a sample box before confirming your full order not only lets you see how your design looks like as a printed product but also test and do some research. Does it fit the merchandise well? Is it suitable for storage and durable for shipping? Trying before buying helps determine what packaging aspects should be changed or improved.

Here’s how to order a sample box on our website in three (3) easy steps:
Step 1. Choose Your Box. Select your preferred custom box from the category page. We offer printed custom boxes for your packaging needs.

Step 2. Select Your Box Specs. Use the order calculator to customize your box size, material, and printed sides. For the quantity, be sure to select 1 Sample in the dropdown options. This will also automatically generate the price of your sample box.

Step 3. Design Your Box. You can start customizing your box using our 3D online design tool. This helps you view a simulation of your box with dielines so you can access and design all sides of your packaging. After you save your design and confirm your order, someone from our pre-press team will check and make sure your designs are ready for printing.

Learn more about how to use our Custom Box Design Tool.

Want to use a separate editing application? Click Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template and we can send you the template for your specific box dimensions.

Print boxes with NextDayFlyers. From premium product boxes to corrugated shipping boxes, we offer a wide range of box styles in different materials and printing options you can choose from. If you have questions or need some help getting started, just give us a call at 855-898-9870, Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT and our customer service team will assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the online design tool to create a custom box?
Our design tool provides both a design canvas view and a 3D view of your custom box specifications. You can click on the box dimensions to design each side. The toolbars on the upper and left side allow you to add or modify design elements to your preference. Read this full guide on using the custom box design tool.

Do you offer dieline templates?
Yes, we have blank PDF dieline templates you can use on any offline design software like Adobe Illustrator. It shows you the position of each panel including the areas where your boxes will be cut and creased. To request for a template, click Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template in the order calculator.

Will someone check my custom box design?
Yes, our prepress team reviews each submitted design before printing. You can also request a free PDF proof file before confirming your order for production. This allows you to see how your boxes would look like as a finished product and check for any errors and necessary revisions. We highly recommend that you select free digital proofing to ensure your custom boxes will print according to your specifications.

Are your custom boxes eco-friendly?
Yes. Our custom boxes are sustainably sourced from local mills and made up of 65% recycled materials. You can recycle our custom boxes to create new cardboard boxes, paperboards, and chipboards.

What is the turnaround time for my sample boxes?
Our production time for sample boxes is three (3) business days. This does not include weekends, holidays, and shipping transit time.