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The 10 Most Awesome Lost-Pet Flyers

Recently updated on June 14th, 2017 at 12:06 am

Funny Lost Dog Flyer

Losing a pet can be a terrifying experience, and if you’ve ever spent an afternoon plastering 5,000 flyers across your neighborhood, you probably know what we’re talking about. Thankfully, lost-pet flyers have proven extremely effective for ensuring the safe return of countless wayward dogs, cats, and apparently even wookiees. Here are just a few of the most awesome lost-pet flyers you’re ever likely to find, courtesy of the Interwebs.


Hilarious Lost-Pet Flyers
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I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something unusual about this dog. Regardless, the person who posted this ad seems like the kind of individual that you would definitely want to have a beer with (but maybe not the best person to lend money to).


Funny Missing Pet Flyer
original source:

I have never agreed more with anything in my life. This image makes me want to print out 5,000 flyers of my own and spread the gospel of this exotic and wondrous cat all over town. I don’t know its name, but I know I want to write books chronicling its many adventures.


Infamous ‘Cat Found’ Flyer

original source:

I can forgive Tyler for not knowing the difference between a cat and an opossum, but I can’t forgive his misuse of the word your. Some people mistake “your” with “you’re” and vice versa, but this is neither. I won’t feel too badly if Tyler attempts to give this cat a belly rub.


Lost Dog Flyer
original source:

I just feel sorry for the poor veterinarian who was gifted with the unfortunate responsibility of neutering Chewie. There aren’t enough sedatives in the world.


Funny Lost Dog Flyer
original source:

You would think that a multimillionaire like Stephen King could offer a bigger reward for his missing dog. I mean, one hundred dollars won’t even cover the cost of the ambulance ride. Just one quick tip: If you see foam dripping from the dog’s mouth, it means he likes you.


Funny Street Flyers You Haven't Seen Around
original source:

This thing goes deeper than any of us ever imagined. They say that if you stare at it long enough, you’ll see yourself staring at a flyer of yourself staring at a flyer. And yes, I realize that this isn’t a lost-pet flyer at all…….or is it? I’m blowing your mind.

Hilarious Street Flyer
original source:

If Eddie from Frasier hooked up with one of the Gremlins, the resulting offspring might come in the form of Klaus. Add to that the Gene Simmons tongue and the kangaroo-like jumping ability, and what you have is quite possibly the most awesome canine to ever terrorize the dog park. Give him the distance and respect that he deserves.


Ghostbusters Flyer
original source:

Unless you’re the keymaster, you should probably just leave this dog alone. Unless you have snausages. There isn’t a dog in this or any universe that doesn’t love snausages.


Funny "Missing" Flyers
original source:

It’s possible that Eddie acts out because his owner is a total d’bag. Keep fighting the good fight, Eddie.


Funny Lost and Found Pet Flyer
original source:

Now here’s an episode of America’s Most Wanted that we’d all love to see. If they don’t find Lucky in the first 48 hours, he’s statistically more likely to be food.


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