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Quick-Fire Questions: Karin Nahmani

Recently updated on September 22nd, 2022 at 06:37 am

It takes guts and hard work to achieve what Karin Nahmani enjoys today.

Karin holds a Bachelor of Science as a Naturopathic Doctor from Medi College in Israel. She’s been a certified Colon Hydrotherapist since 2001, a certified massage therapist and instructor, and a certified doula.

And that’s not all.

The mom of four is also a first-generation American entrepreneur, podcast host, and award-winning author.

Get to know her as she answers our burning questions on how to “eat better, live better, and feel better.”

woman holding bookmarks
Karin was first introduced to digestive health treatments when she was in college.
Today, she is a professional and advocate for digestive, gut, and colon health.

How did you get into digestive health?

My internship in college was to do colonics which introduced me to digestive health treatments. I then got my degree as a Naturopathic Doctor before becoming an instructor myself.

I worked my way up from there.


The Gut Connection

Everything is connected, according to Karin. From how gut issues affect our well-being, to how her interest in digestive health influenced her career.

“Digestive health interests me more than anything because it touches emotions and well-being. I can read what’s going on by touching parts of the body and feeling what is happening. It all comes together like a puzzle.”

Why do we need to pay attention to our colon’s health?

The small signs can turn into serious issues if ignored, so it’s very important to listen to your body. See what’s normal and abnormal and have those unusual things checked out right away.

For example, if I have diarrhea because I ate a lot of berries, that means the berries will affect my system. The same thing goes for gluten. If you eat a lot of gluten and you feel bloated, then it’s affecting your body in some way.

What are the signs of digestive-related disorders?

Ongoing stomach pain is not normal and it’s not always from food. Week-long constipation is not normal and could be a sign of a major health issue. Stress is also an indicator of an unhealthy colon.

The signs could be a skin rash, acne, or stomach pains. If untreated, these could manifest in other ways like depression, anxiety, fatigue, and lethargy.

What’s a quick way to identify colon distress?

You do not want to wait when it comes to the gut, digestive, and especially colon issues. You need to track how often you go to the restroom in a day and how many times you are eliminating waste.

I am a mom first and my kids know exactly how I am when it comes to these things.

I encourage parents to check on their children’s bathroom habits. If something’s off, do something about it right away. Don’t let your child go a day without using the restroom, the same goes for teens and adults.


Colonics to The Stars

Karin opened her colonics clinic PURE CENTER in Tarzana California in 2000. At the time, people did not know exactly what colonics was but were already curious about it.

How did you promote your business in the beginning?

People are embarrassed to ask at first.

I remember back in the day, I used to sit in my office for hours and wait for people to walk in, drive by, or call but nothing. So I put my ad anywhere I could. I advertised in every place possible including newspapers and celebrity magazines.

How did you become known as the “colonics to the stars?”

One day, one of my clients, a writer in Hollywood, came to me and told me in Korean, “you are the best-kept secret in Hollywood.”

I couldn’t believe it! People in Hollywood kept coming but I never advertised that fact. I never knew how we did a very good job. Maybe because I didn’t advertise that fact, my celebrity clients grew by word of mouth.

What’s it like to work with celebrities?

It’s fun and fulfilling.

To be honest, I am busier during award show season. I work different hours to accommodate their schedules. But it’s rewarding to see my clients feeling and looking their best.

What sets PURE CENTER apart from the competition?

It’s the service and respect we give to every client.

Celebrity or not, people don’t want to talk about their work or what they do, and we respect that.
I never check about any of my clients or look them up online, so I treat them as regular customers. They get the same treatment, the same quality services, and pay the same rate as everybody else.

How I built our clientele speaks volumes about how we treat everyone.

bottles of supplements noah collection pure center
According to Karin, the NOA line is formulated to support the immune system, flush out toxins
without cramping or discomfort, promote healthy digestion, and aid in weight loss. She adds that they only used vegan
and all-natural ingredients including natural sweeteners such as raspberries and beets.
There are no added flavors except for the B12 drops.

Any new products or services that your regulars or our readers should watch out for?

I have a new line of vitamins, NOA by Karin Nahmani, which is now available at If you are local to Los Angeles, you can pick up your orders at our clinic in San Fernando Valley in Tarzana.


No Guts, No Glory

Karin’s advocacy for digestive health inspired her to explore new platforms to reach more people. She wants to use her voice to educate the public on “how to improve our health as a whole.”

podcast poster karin nahmani
“Life is about living, laughing, and love.
Love for one another, love for yourself, and love for your body.
And I love to talk about being healthy. “

Tell us about your podcast.

My podcast “Sh*t Isn’t A Dirty Word – A Not So Ordinary Podcast Hosted by Karin Nahmani” is about achieving a balanced lifestyle, and it’s another avenue to showcase my passion.

It’s great to hear our listeners pursuing a healthy lifestyle because of our show.

Congratulations on winning the Literary Titan Book Award!

Thank you! It was an amazing feeling to know that my life’s work, put into book form, was so well received.

I received great reviews that tell me I am on the right path and that my book can and is making a difference. It’s an amazing time right now for educating the public about wellness and colon health.

Please share some highlights from the book and invite our readers to grab a copy.

One of the biggest highlights of my book is establishing the very real connection between the gut and our mind, body, and soul.

Readers will learn how to improve their gut health and understand that what we feel on the inside will manifest on the outside. If there’s bloating, cramping, and discomfort on the inside, it will show physically.

My book “Sh*t Isn’t Dirty Word – An Unorthodox Approach to Colon and Digestive Health” is available on Amazon.


The NextDayFlyers Experience

Is your gut healthy or not?

Karin’s custom bookmarks give us clues about the current state of our gut and help us understand what our bowel movement represents.

poop chart bookmarks

How was the response to the poop chart bookmarks?

The people who ordered them and picked them up at PURE CENTER loved the idea!

I created the poop chart to help educate people about what our poop represents in relation to gut health. It has encouraged my clients to open up. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask them, they let me know about the state of their poop.

They become mindful of what they eat, sometimes even turning into food investigators. The transformation from an unhealthy to a healthy gut amazes them. And they can track the changes based on the poop chart illustrations.

Tell us about your NextDayFlyers Experience.

Using NextDayFlyers was super easy throughout the design and ordering process.

Everything was easy to understand. From getting the correct size to proofing my design. From uploading and getting everything ordered.

Also, the delivery time was easy to understand, and I was able to choose the delivery time that fits my budget. Thank you, NextDayFlyers!

If you want to learn more about PURE CENTER, visit their website You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.


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