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Quick Fire Questions: Nasstive Entertainment

Recently updated on May 21st, 2019 at 06:11 pm

Going out with friends is one of the best ways to let go of day-to-day stresses. Get out, laugh, and have a good time. If you’re looking for something new to do, and you either live in Southern California or will be visiting, club crawls organized by Nasstive Entertainment will have you smiling all night long.

Experience Nightlife in Hollywood

Nasstive Entertainment runs weekly club crawls in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and San Diego. These fun events are perfect for large groups of travelers, tourists, locals, birthday parties, and more.

Groups of friends experience four different bars and nightclubs in one night—and meet other groups of friends along the way. There are usually around 100 guests at each event. On holiday weekends, as many as 200 party people join in on the fun.

Daytime Pub Crawl Event on St. Patrick's Day
Daytime Pub Crawl Event on St. Patrick’s Day

For those big party holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Halloween, festive daytime pub crawls are a crazy good time.

Quick Fire Questions

Jason Kuska is the owner of Nasstive Entertainment. He has two full-time managers and over 20 part-time party hosts on his team. They’re an enthusiastic bunch. Here he shares more about his event business, how he got started, and how he keeps it growing.

About Nasstive Entertainment Events

Can you tell us about your event business?

“Our club crawls started in 2009 while I was the events manager at a local hostel in Hollywood. I was in charge of taking out our international guests on the weekends and I built great relationships with many of the Hollywood nightclubs and bars.

“They all said they loved having us and to ‘bring more people!’ Eventually, we started to advertise our club crawls to the public and it grew from there.”

What’s the inspiration behind the business?

“I’m an avid traveler, and around the world, pub crawls are the best way to explore the nightlife of a city. Almost every international city offers a pub crawl event. It made sense that Hollywood should have one—especially with our great year-round weather and the number of tourists that visit.

Having a Blast Between Nightclub Stops
Having a Blast Between Nightclub Stops

“Instead of taking guests to mostly pubs, we wanted to make it a true ‘Hollywood’ nightlife experience. So, we take our groups to several different nightclubs in a night instead of bars.”

Promoting Fun for 10 Years and Counting

What are some of the activities you do to promote ticket sales?

To promote ticket sales we rely heavily on word of mouth. Generally, someone has a friend in town visiting, and they bring them to our event. Others join us for a birthday celebration.

“After that, they usually look for a reason to come out again, and bring some new friends. We also advertise on Google Adwords, Facebook, and other online platforms.”

Promoting the Hollywood Club Crawl With Club Flyers
Promoting the Hollywood Club Crawl With Club Flyers

What’s the biggest challenge the team has faced and how were you able to overcome it?

“We’ve seen many competitor club crawls start and disappear in our 10 years of running our events. The competition has pushed us to provide the best possible night out for our guests.”

Building Buzz and Creating an Epic Evening With Printing

How have you used printing to raise awareness?

“When we run our holiday pub crawl events we need to print up maps to show all of the various bars and drink specials that are available to our pub crawlers. We use NextDayFlyers to print those up along with special drink tickets we hand out to guests as they check in.”

How did you find the overall printing experience?

“NextDayFlyers has been amazing to work with. We use to use another printing company, but they missed deadlines and didn’t seem bothered by it. It was very stressful as we have a lot of people relying on us. We need our flyers, maps and drink tickets finished on time.

NextDayFlyers has been amazing to work with. Click To Tweet
All Set for Fun With Rack Cards and Tickets
All Set for Fun With Rack Cards and Tickets

NextDayFlyers has always met their deadlines. They also go above and beyond.

“Recently we were set to print and a NextDayFlyers worker stopped it, pointed out an error on the flyer, and asked if we wanted to continue. Somehow the fonts had gotten switched around and we needed to fix it. We are thankful NextDayFlyers brought it to our attention before it was too late.

“The overall online experience is great, too. We can track the progress of each print job and know exactly when it will be arriving. That means a lot to us.

“It’s stressful enough meeting deadlines for the large events we help organize and run. It’s a great feeling knowing that our printer, NextDayFlyers, has the printing side locked down, looking good, and it will be on time for us to pick up. It lets us focus on all of the other tasks we need to accomplish to make it a successful event.”

It’s a great feeling knowing that our printer, NextDayFlyers, has the printing side locked down, looking good, and it will be on time for us to pick up. Click To Tweet

Do you need custom flyers, rack cards, or tickets? Shop NextDayFlyers today!

Have a Blast on a Club Crawl in SoCal

Nasstive Entertainment organizes weekly club crawls for the public in San Diego and throughout LA, including Hollywood and Downtown. They also partner on events in Las Vegas.

Whether you live in the area or you’re planning a visit, club crawls are a fantastic way to let loose with friends and meet new ones.

Nasstive Entertainment

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