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So Bad They’re Good Gifts! 20 Awesomely Bad Presents to Give Out This Holiday!

The following list is definitely the latter and represents a myriad of last-minute stocking stuffers and novelty gift ideas for the upcoming holiday. If you are out of ideas, click on the following links to get one of your loved-ones something awesomely bad that they’ll remember for years to come.…

How to Host a Successful Party – 5 Step Party Planning (infographic)

The holidays are coming and you might be already be getting nervous about a party you’re planning. Well, fear not, because we’ve got a fun infographic to guide you in all the ways of successful party planning. Get 5 essential tips for easy party planning and create a super successful party that they’ll be talking about for weeks!…

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Brilliant and Brilliantly Bad Homemade Christmas Decorations

There are Christmas decorations that make us stare in holiday awe at how well crafted they are and how they are just too good to be bought in a store! Then there are those hideously bad or strange decorations that make us chuckle at their ridiculousness. Here’s a look at both these holiday wins and fails!…

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