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Marketing In the Digital Age: A Short Course in Success for the Online Entrepreneur

With more and more people earning extra money or earning a living by selling online, the number of websites dedicated to this pursuit is still growing exponentially. With ebay being the granddaddy there are sites like etsy, zazzle, café press, and others that provide a wealth of handholding to a person who is just starting out. Here’s an easy to digest serving of sincerely implementable ideas that will help you emerge from the masses of sellers.

First: Grab the attention of the reader with a great headline. Anybody can just put the name of the product – let your creative juices flow. Have a little fun with this business – otherwise, what’s the point?

Second: Be a show off. Include some photos or illustrations of what you are selling, and make sure they are in focus and display the important features.

Third: Make it easy to complete the transaction. Don’t make your customer go out and get a money order or a cashier’s check. PayPal is an ideal solution and there are others out there, too.

Fourth: Follow up your great headline with interesting copy. Give it a personality: keep it moving, use understandable language, paint a picture in someone’s mind.

Fifth: Make sure it’s priced to sell. The main reason you see stuff sitting around for a long time is that it’s priced too high. Be realistic – do your homework and see what your competitors are selling their version of it for – then be aggressive and price it accordingly.

Sixth: Give a reason why to buy. Justify your price. Let the buyer in on a “little secret” and they’ll feel special and more apt to buy.

Seventh: Tell the truth, always. Share the good and the bad with your reader. If there are any flaws or defects, it’s better to disclose them before the sale than have to deal with an angry customer later on.

Eighth: Be reasonable when it comes to shipping charges. Don’t try to make a profit on shipping and handling – sometimes it’s a deal-breaker.

Ninth: Ship it for FREE! That is a competitive edge you can invest in that your competitors will either have to step up and match or lose the sale to you.

Tenth: If you make a promise, keep it. Word will get around if you don’t deal honestly – your reputation is a selling point that you have to keep polished at all times.
If you follow these suggestions, you’ll probably sleep better at night and develop a profitable business with a loyal following.

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