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Happy Valentine’s Day! – 29 Tips for Successful Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, so loosen that belt and get ready for extra chocolate – and then some. Valentine’s Day, however, is not just about chocolate. It’s a holiday you can use to your marketing advantage no matter what you sell. “Give her what she really wants – a faucet that doesn’t leak.” Maybe you’re a divorce attorney? “Dump the one you loved, to make room for your real love.” I’m only half kidding.

The point is, romance is in the eye of the beholder so don’t limit your message. Here are your Valentine’s tips for a comprehensive marketing campaign no matter what your product or service.

Email Marketing1

1. Segment, segment, segment

Segment by gender because men and women tend to buy different items (and if you can’t segment by gender, do not assume the reader is male).

2. Make sure to mention cutoff dates for ordering and shipping

3. Gift cards are a great V Day promotion

4. Help the male shopper out

Try messages such as “always the perfect fit” or “for the woman who knows what she wants – even when you don’t.”1

5. Create urgency in your message

6. Use your headline to solve the customer’s problem such as “Valentine’s Dilemma? 12 No Brainer Gifts & Guaranteed Delivery”1

7. Include gift finder images or links if you have them

8. Keep that in mind, Valentine shopping occurs from the office during weekdays

9. Whenever possible, offer free overnight shipping for last minute shoppers

10. Target Valentine’s Day customers from last year

Send an exclusive e-mail to customers who purchased around Valentine’s last year with an even better offer this year.

11. Use Valentine’s Day imagery

12. Use Valentine specific copy

13. Make Your Offers Visible and Easy to Redeem

If you’re offering an in-store redemption, include an attractive printable coupon.

For online redemption make sure the button or link stands out.

14. Make it forward friendly

Encourage your subscribers to forward your offer to their friends.

On Your Website1,2

15. Display your best offers on the home page

16. Provide clear shipping deadline information on every page

17. Show item stock availability, if you can

18. Cross-sell and upsell when you can

19. Gift finder tools are great

For instance, give them a page of top picks or a browsable database.

Social Media Networking

20. Facebook offers simple advertising options

You can target by gender, location, age, relationship status, and interests.1

21. Make sure to post the contents of your email campaign on your social networking sites

22. Offer tips and information, not just promotions

23. Post a Happy Valentine’s Day message

Direct Mail

24. Give recipients tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day by using your product

Creativity counts so don’t feel limited. Sure, a day at the spa is nice, but so is having the toilet fixed or finding homes for homeless dogs (a card containing a dog picture asking recipients to “Be My Valentine”3).

25. Keep it clean, keep it simple

26. Watch your own mail to get examples of what to do, and what not to do

What ads draw your eye? Why? Studying the direct mail you receive will help you improve the direct mail you send.

27. Create a Valentine’s Day Contest

Use direct mail to encourage customers to enter the contest online — or by ballot in store.2

28. Include testimonials

Highlight a few words from customer reviews or provide a link to your site where testimonials can be found.

29. Say thank you

Send out greeting cards to customers and email subscribers to thank and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for a way to create a fast professional direct mail campaign for Valentine’s Day take a look at our easy-to-personalize Valentine’s Day templates here.


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