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Dos and Don’ts of Good Flyer Design

A few weeks ago I was staring at a pizza flyer, not quite sure what to get, when I noticed the flyer itself – an abundance of jumbled graphics and screaming fonts. Yet, here I was, holding this particular flyer for the umpteenth time, and ultimately finding it useless. I started to wonder – does good design matter?

Marketing evidence shows that professional designs do work and convert. Flyers are easy to produce and distribute so they’re cost effective. But these factors don’t mean squat when you’re a local shop competing with a known brand who’s saturated your market. So how can you give your company a leg up? One way, design better by avoiding some common mistakes.


1. Over clutter
Pick your hook and make them look. Don’t bury what’s important with too much of, well, anything, including art, graphics, or words. Enough said.

2. Create insanity with fonts
Unless you’re in the business of selling fonts limit the variety.

3. Rely on clichés
Go for punchy, new – uniquely you. Don’t be afraid to write it the way you would say it, not with fake marketing jargon. Who knows? Your fresh brilliant hook might just become the next “Just Do It” and you’ll have more business than you dreamed.


1. Think about your target audience
Who are you selling to? What kind of lifestyle do they have? Use elements you know your target audience appreciates. Content is king. So target your copy! In other words, don’t try and sell dogs fish food… unless you’re certain they own a fish.

2. Use sizzling graphics and color
The colors, graphics, and photographs should reinforce your message. For instance, a Nike image of a sweating marathoner with the words “Just Do It” is more effective than going on and on about getting out there and having the courage to try your best.

3. Use pre-made templates if you’re not a professional designer
You don’t have to be a professional designer to get that professional edge – there are lots of excellent pre-designed templates available . Full disclosure: yes, Nextdayflyers does provide templates at our Online Design Center.

Final Remarks
I’ve decided that pizza flyers work much like pizza – even a bad one is pretty good. But consider this; if the pizza flyer in my hands had been better designed I might have ordered some of their garlic breadsticks in addition to that Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza. Food for thought.

Inspiration for this article came in part from this amusing read: Pizza Flyers: The Height of Good Graphic Design? (

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5 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts of Good Flyer Design

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  2. This tips will definetly help, specially when your spending days trying to figure out the perfect design. I have been doing ok with my design which I think they’re not the best but I have received a couple of deals from them.



  3. Thanks guys. I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again…

    Next Day Flyers’ customer service is the best!

    Not many companies would offer this kind of service. Great Prices, Excellent Turn-around time, Personal attention when needed, easy to use, and btw thanks for the Templates!!!

    All that and now tips on how to? Next Day Flyers deserves an award. I’d give you mine, but that’s just for coaching kids soccer. 😉

    Great Job!

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