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Cool Business Card Designs From Our Customers

In a world of digital marketing and online selling, it’s easy to see why some people would think that business cards are now irrelevant. After all, the information that your customers need can be found online.

But there’s something about the tangible nature of a physical business card that appeals to modern business owners. Imagine running your hands over plush velvet lamination versus downloading a copy of someone’s business card on your mobile phone. What a stark difference, right?

As we navigate the new normal, printing business cards has become more important than ever. And not just ordinary business cards—we’re talking about the ones that make a huge impression on your customers. Think jaw-dropping, professional designs that show customers you mean business.

Do you ever wonder what kind of business card design will make a great impression? Take inspiration from these small business owners whose business card designs are anything but usual.

Bex Moss 

If you love dogs, chances are you’d be all paws up with Rebekah Moss’ painted edge business cards. Bex, as she is known among friends and customers, is the artist behind GirLilly Productions.

Bex captures the beauty of animals through her pet portraits, which are commissioned by loving pet owners. Every commissioned piece helps Bex move closer toward her goal of fostering dogs. Her recent project, Bubblegum Pets, is geared toward raising funds for Bex’s own therapy dog.


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To promote her latest venture, Bex created an adorable business card design in bubblegum colors of pink and blue. On the spotlight is none other than her favorite subject—a dog.

The business card is undeniably a stunner. Thick edges in bright pink call out and demand to be noticed. If you were to receive this business card, you’ll be amazed by the thickness and heft of it.

On the front, you’ll see standard business information. Flip the card and you’ll be treated to one of Bex’s finest paintings trimmed down to a miniature size.

Like Bex’s work? Check out her commissioned artwork on her websites, GirLilly Productions and Bubblegum Pets . To create this extraordinary marketing tool, take a look at these Painted Edge Business Cards

Trent Owens 

As the founder of a high-end video production company, Trent Owens knows exactly how to present himself in the best light. This multi-hyphenate creative is an expert in making a remarkable first impression, and his business cards are a testament to his eagerness to break out of the mold.

Trent needed a quick way to show potential clients his previous work and came up with a beautiful concept of presenting his business to clients. The challenge, it seems, is finding a way to make the experience engaging and fun.


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Enter QR codes—an innovative way of directing your prospects where you want them to be. In Trent’s case, it’s his portfolio site. Trent printed the codes on plastic business cards, which open to his website. It’s a brilliant way of showcasing one’s work and engaging clients.

Curious about what Trent does? Check out his company’s Instagram feed to see some of the things he’s created. And if you want to create impressive business cards like Trent’s, have a look at our Plastic Business Cards.  

Rayna Lo Art 

What happens when you combine traditional Chinese calligraphy and modern design treatment? The result is one exquisite business card design that reflects the heritage and personality of its owner.

Rayna Lo is a Taiwanese American calligrapher and illustrator based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her works of art are inspired by her Asian roots with a touch of the contemporary, and this shows in her choice of business card design.


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The golden “brush strokes” that form the Chinese characters look stunning against the black canvas. The floral accents add a nice touch of femininity. And if we were to put our own interpretation behind the design, we can say that it’s an exercise in mindfulness and taking things slow. Look a little closer and you might see a graceful dragon-like silhouette form from the beautiful calligraphy.

Get to know Rayna Lo and see her work on her website, Rayna Lo Art. To print a similar business card design, check out our Foil Business Cards.


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