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5 Back-to-School Crafts & Ideas for the New School Year

Recently updated on January 20th, 2018 at 01:48 am

Back to school time is a great opportunity for all crafty moms, teachers, students, and shopfront sellers to show off their craft skills and to make something personalized and different for the new term. Whether you’re covering text books or creating custom backpacks, back to school crafts time is one of the highlights of the crafting year.

The following  back to school crafts and tutorials were created by expert hobbyists. They range from 5-minute craft projects to full-blown craft assignments. Take inspiration from these brilliant craft ideas and have fun crafting this back to school season.

1. Back to School Backpack

back to school crafts

Original source:

Of all the back-to-school backpack designs we’ve seen on the web, this is our favorite. Created by Stacy from, we absolutely adore this cute-as-a-button backpack that is thoroughly modern, cool, and retro!  This one’s not for first time sewers though, there are some technically tricky aspects of the design as seen in the following step-by-step tutorial:


2. Nap Mat

nap map tutorial crafts

Original source:

Nap mats are typically generic and soulless with a picture of Minnie or Hello Kitty on and made from cheap fabric that doesn’t look like it can keep any kind of draft out. Sure, you could sew a name into them but hows about you send your preschooler off with a luxury nap mat that you made yourself?

And we found a personalized nap mat tutorial by that we love to bits. The following is a moderately easy craft tutorial that is not too difficult but might be challenging for sewing beginners.


3. Fabric Covered Books


Original source:

Granted, fabric book covering is hardly a new craft, but this one is particularly cool and super easy-to-do with the help of this Mod Podge tutorial.

With the right choice of fabric you can add some real style and protection to your text books and notepads. Here’s a practical tutorial with some great ideas for fabric choices.


4. Pencil Case

pencil case craft ideas

Original source:

Which kid wouldn’t want one of these “hungry-for-pencils” robot and tomato head pencil cases. This is a great DIY craft tutorial for craft beginners and the end product is so adorably cute.

See the step-by-step tutorial by the Make It & Love It website below that makes this project an absolute breeze – a great craft project for sewing beginners. What’s really cool is that there’s a girl and boy version of this tutorial.

Boy (robot):

Girl (tomato head):


5. iPad Cover


Original source:

iPad cases are a new one for many crafters but in today’s ever changing technology age, it’s becoming more common for your child to have one as a learning tool. The problem is that cases are incredibly expensive and in general, not very customizable! Don’t fear though, because we found a great little tutorial for you to make your own iPad sleeve case that’s not too difficult and is totally perfect for your child or as a thoughtful, personalized gift for a college grad.

So cute, and  real easy one for beginner sewers to take on. Check out the detailed pattern and  tutorial by below.

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