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3 Business Card Branding Tips

1. Let Your Logo Have the Spotlight

Business cards are small, but don’t be afraid to make your logo big! One great way to increase brand awareness with business cards is to make the front of your card dedicated to showcasing your logo like the examples below. If you have a great logo design, let your logo become the card design. Add a neutral colored background that also creates contrast behind your logo. Lastly, add some padding/space around all sides of the logo so it does not feel too cramped.

In addition, you may consider adding your tag line or a very short sentence about your business right under the logo to help reinforce what your company is all about. Check out the business cards below, which all let their logos do the talking. If you do not like your logo enough to showcase it like this, then you should consider having it redesigned before you spend money printing your logo on lots of marketing materials.

2. Reinforce Your Brand

Just because your logo is large and in charge on the front of your card doesn’t mean you cant add it to the back as well. Many businesses add their logo again on the back of the card, but at a reduced size. This helps reinforce your brand by the simple repetition of seeing the logo again. You should also always include your website URL, which hopefully includes your brand name again.

When it comes to making the most of your marketing dollars, repetition is key to getting people to remember your brand amongst the crowd of competition. Combine great branding, with marketing and a quality product or service and you have the recipe for long-term success!

3. Print Full Color

With the current state of the economy, its no surprise you may want to save money by printing in black or grayscale, but the amazing impact color can have is well worth the extra few dollars it costs to print in full color. It is much easier to get people to remember a brand via colors like Coca-Cola or Target does with the color red. Color is a powerful weapon of marketing and it should always be used when possible, especially on business cards which are a direct reflection of you and your brand.

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