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Month: March 2017


30 Quick Tips for Effective Business Card Marketing

If you think that business card marketing involves merely taking out your card and giving it to anyone, you’re unfortunately mistaken. It takes a little creative thinking to get a much larger return on your investment. Making connections and building relationships is an art form. And you should always think…

8 Essential Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Measure

Google Analytics is one of the most useful internet tools, especially when it comes to marketing. The digital marketing metrics that it provides gives useful insights on how your website, content, and social media campaigns are doing. It can also reveal opportunities that you can tap or areas that you…

Nonprofit Partnership: 3 Benefits for Your Business

As marketers, we have long since recognized the benefits of collaboration. Pooling resources with like-minded businesses can be mutually beneficial and profitable for each partner. However, not everything in business is solely about profit. A huge part of marketing also involves the “people” aspect. It’s not only about your products…