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So Bad They’re Good Gifts! 20 Awesomely Bad Presents to Give Out This Holiday!

Recently updated on October 16th, 2017 at 10:26 pm

Do you ever get that gift you wish you didn’t? You know the one, that bright pink velvet shirt that you’ll never wear, the kitchen gizmo that looks like it’ll chop your fingers off, or the matching woolen hat and mittens that grandma knitted you that are at least 5 sizes too small because she still thinks you’re 12! Now, that’s just a plain BAD gift that you don’t want or need. One that forces an uncomfortable smile and insincere thanks. Then there are those awesomely bad gifts that are an unexpected pleasure, ones that you fall in love with that make you laugh hysterically, giggle with excitement, or roll around in nerdy joy!

The following list is definitely the latter and represents a myriad of last-minute stocking stuffers and novelty gift ideas for the upcoming holiday.  If you are out of ideas, click on the following links to get one of your loved-ones something awesomely bad that they’ll remember for years to come.

beardski holiday gift


Ever envied those beardface skiers, lumberjacks, hipster beard dudes, mountain men, or hippies during the cold season? Well, for those women and men who are unable to grow face-warming facial hair, there is a solution at Give this gift to any of your friends and family with terrible  beard envy!

coffee toilet mug holiday gift

Original source:

Admit it, you’ve brought your coffee into the toilet with you! Now you can bring the toilet to the coffee with this coffee toilet mug (or is it the other way round? Who cares, it’s an awesomely bad gift to give either way!)

ostrich pillow holiday gift

Original source:

Give the gift of a weird surreal ostrich head character from a weird dream- an awesomely bad gift that has a practical “sleep anywhere” use while travelling or trying to catch some z’s during the day.

bacon deodorant novelty holiday gift

Original source:

Bacon is an irresistable smell! No woman can resist the tantalizing smell of sizzling bacon, whether it’s wafting from the stove or emanating from some dudes armpits! Give this gift to your friend and watch him go from dirty pig to meaty fresh!

princess leia buns hat holiday gift

Original source:

Total geek chic for the ultimate Star Wars fangirl! Give the gift of  Leia and make sure they’re warm and still cool (kinda’) this winter.

christmas sweater holiday gift

The Christmas sweater thing is hardly a new “bad but awesome” Christmas gift, but this particular one has a bit of an edge to it that on closer inspection will make anyone who wears it take at least the number 2 prize at the sweater party.

Meggins christmas gift

Original source:

Are they cool, or are they stupid? Kanye West thinks they’re the rappers pajamas, so give them as a gift and watch their faces light up in hipster amazement (or look at you as if you’re the craziest person in the world!)

beer koozie holiday gift

Original source:

Take two bottles into the shower? Not me…but I might take a brewskie into the shower with the aid of this Shakoolie! Give the gift of shower beer this year to your best buddy.

potty putter

Original source:

I was so sick and tired of having to go to the toilet and not being able to practice my golf putting? Thank goodness someone listened to the mass voices of reason and filled this void!

grow my boyfriend novelty gift

Original source:

For your girlfriend who needs that perfect mate. One that’s a great listener to her, who doesn’t  go out with the boys on a Friday night, and never complains about her mother!


Original source:

“Oh no it’s a flying shark!” – a prankers dream of a gift to Sharknado your friends!

knight hoodie gift

Original source:

They’ll never have a bad Knight out again with this awesome gift (pricey but brilliant)

family pajamas

Original source:

The family that pajamas together, bananas together (that makes no sense, but  rhymes a bit!)

foot mop gifts

Original source:

Get your significant other to mop the floors under the guise of new slippers (you sneaky rat!!!)

face butt towel gift

Original source:

Now, I know the difference between my face and my butt (sorta’) but it’s so hard to know which end of the towel to use…until now!

worlds largest gummy bear


manga eyes holiday gift

Know someone who’s obsessed with Anime? Got a cosplay fanatic in the family? This is the perfect gift for them!

talking TP holiday gift

Original source:

Sick of him leaving up the seat? Tired of her taking hours in the bathroom trying to beautify herself? Want to fart prank your parents? Well, this is the gift for you!

turkey head mask holiday gift

Original source:

When cooking the perfect Christmas turkey, the trick is to “become the turkey!” Well, now you can with this awesome Turkey mask.


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