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5 Ways to Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Experience With Indoor Signs

So you’ve managed to get people to enter your shop, now what? Business signs not only get you noticed but they also help in boosting in-store sales and converting shoppers into loyal customers.

Consumers can get overwhelmed with choices, you may not have the opportunity to answer everyone’s questions while promoting your products, so it’s important to have indoor signage that keeps your store optimized and working efficiently to boost sales.

Here’s what type of custom signs you can print and how they can effectively target specific customers and enhance the in-store experience.

#1. NAVIGATE: Give your customers the convenience they need


Isn’t it frustrating to enter a store only to spend too much of your time walking around and trying to find that item you need? Navigational signage particularly appeals to busy and well-informed shoppers who come to the store already knowing what products they need to buy.

Sign printing not only helps rushing customers locate products quickly, but it also saves your staff the task of pointing them in the right direction every time.

Directional signage can be installed near the ceiling, between the aisles, and even on the floor. They should be easy to spot, straightforward, and concise so that people can understand the message in a glance. Poster signs and floor signs are perfect options because they’re versatile for a wide range of applications.

Use poster signs for:

  • Store aisle markers
  • Dressing rooms and bathrooms
  • Cash wrap signage

Use floor graphics for:

  • Entrance messages
  • In-store directions
  • Social distancing protocols

#2. HIGHLIGHT: Let customers know what’s available.

vinyl banner

This strategy helps indecisive shoppers who are not sure what to look for and where to start.

Each day we are bombarded by ads and endless product options that shopping can almost seem overwhelming. Indoor signs not only help your business promote new product arrivals, but they can also encourage shoppers to notice sales and convert slow-moving inventory.

Vinyl banners and posters are best for drawing attention to specific products or areas in your store.

Use vinyl banners and poster signs for:

  • Limited deals and discounts
  • Product bundles
  • Last chance to purchase items

#3. INFORM: Print signs that do the pitching for you.

retractable signs

These indoor signs are for targeting bargain-hunting customers or those who are always looking to get a great deal from their purchase.

Retractable signs provide enough space to provide information about in-store sales and loyalty programs that will appeal to this kind if shopper. You can also promote other ways for them to engage with your brand by providing your website and social media handles.

Another way to pitch using signs is by adding tabletop banners at cash wrap. While customers wait as your finish wrapping up their purchase, these mighty but tiny banners can encourage customers to subscribe and join your programs.

Use retractable signs and tabletop banners for:

  • Social media info
  • Delivery services
  • Rewards programs
  • Store policies

#4. BRANDING: Reinforce your identity with customers.

wall decals

This targets all kinds of customers, but especially new clients who are just getting to know your brand.

Aside from your company name, your custom signs should communicate the kind of brand that you are and evoke a response. Printing signs with your logo can help identify your business and set you apart from the competition.

Wall decals are one of the most popular indoor store signs because they double as wall décor. Another option is step and repeat banners, which work great for in-store events and photo ops. Your logo is printed repeatedly on the backdrop which helps you boost recall long after the event is over.

Use wall decals for:

  • Logo printing
  • Brand slogan
  • Social hashtag
  • Other messages related to your brand

#5. DECORATE: Bring life to your interiors with signs

Signs and Banners

Custom signs can entice shoppers to come in, whilst reminding your regular customers why they love shopping in your store. Pop-up displays and canvas prints can set the mood and create positive feelings, making customers happier so they are more likely to make a purchase.

Use pop-up displays for:

  • Product display backdrop
  • Mini store pop-ups
  • Interactive sections
  • Holiday product highlights

Use canvas prints for:

  • Ad campaign photoshoots
  • Stylized product shots
  • Dressing room décor

Print Signs and Banners at NextDayFlyers

You can easily customize signs on our website to suit any type of application. It only takes a few simple steps.

  • Select your product specs.
    Use the online order calculator to personalize your banner or sign in your preferred size, material, and hanging options like hems and grommets

  • Upload your design.
    If you don’t have a design yet, we offer free-to-download print templates you can open using any design software of your choice. You can also try our free online design tool to create your own layout in just a few minutes.

  • Get your design proofed for free.
    Our print experts are on standby to check that your artwork file is laid out and saved accurately. This process allows you to review your design and make any necessary revisions before we proceed with production.

We offer all types of indoor and outdoor banners and signs for any kind of business. Start printing signs and banners with NextDayFlyers today. If you need help with your design, we also offer Design Services with skilled designers available to create the perfect graphics for you!