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Print Custom Car Stickers

Reach People Across
Traveled Miles With Car Stickers

Print car stickers with your logo or design to spread your brand or message across the many miles that cars travel.

What’s Your Car Sticker Style?

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Car Bumper stickers

Feature Your Logo or Custom Design on Car Stickers

Car stickers are a fun marketing tool. Give them to customers, people who stop by your trade show booth, employees, and more.

When people place car stickers on their bumper, oh, the places—and miles—they’ll go. Car stickers get a lot of visibility as people drive, wait at stop lights, and when cars are parked in busy parking lots.

Car stickers are long-lasting. Our car stickers are printed on durable, weatherproof white vinyl sticker material with a strong adhesive backing. They’re tough enough to withstand the great outdoors and its changing weather elements, like harsh sun rays and pouring rain, for several years.

Select the size and shape that works for your car sticker design. Upload your artwork and get your car stickers printed fast. Next-day printing is available.

How to Apply Car Stickers

To get the most miles possible out of your car stickers, follow these easy-apply steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the area where you’re applying the car sticker with clean cloths, soap, and water. Alternatively, you can just wipe the area rubbing alcohol. Don’t use window cleaner or other cleaners. They leave a residue that stops the car sticker from sticking to the surface.
  2. Peel the backing off the sticker and carefully apply it to the clean, dry area. 
  3. Smooth out air bubbles. Use a squeegee or simply push out the bubbles using your thumb and a soft cloth that won't scratch your car.
  4. Use a damp cloth to carefully clean off any residue.

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