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Waterproof Stickers

  • Weatherproof vinyl material
  • Oil-resistant and waterproof BOPP
  • Custom shapes and sizes

Waterproof Stickers for Long-Lasting Branding

Print durable waterproof stickers for all your promotions. With high-quality sticker printing, you can show off your logo or design and be confident that it lasts anywhere it’s applied.

Custom stickers are versatile for various types of applications. You can use them as customer giveaways to boost brand recognition, stick them on company equipment and assets, and even use them for packaging.

Print waterproof stickers at NextDayFlyers. Our website lets you easily customize stickers in your own design and choose the right size, shape, and material that suits your brand. Whatever kind of sticker you print, our waterproof adhesives can withstand wear and tear from dirt, moisture, and outdoor elements.

Upload your design now and our prepress team can review your artwork file for free to make sure it’s ready for printing. We guarantee on-time shipments and even offer next-day printing turnarounds for rush deadlines.

How to Customize Waterproof Stickers

These stickers get the job done. We use our most durable, waterproof materials: biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and 4 mil white vinyl.

White Vinyl is available for individually cut stickers. This means that they are already trimmed separately and delivered to you in stacks. White vinyl is weatherproof and UV-resistant, which makes them the most popular choice for outdoor equipment labeling, bumper stickers, and any product that may be exposed to external elements.

BOPP is available for roll stickers. Roll stickers are wrapped around a spool so you can use them with a dispensing machine. BOPP has similar components to plastic film, so they’re suitable for products exposed to moisture, oil, and refrigeration. BOPP comes in white, metal-colored, and clear varieties.

Label shapes and sizes. Choose from the standard square, rectangle, circle, and oval shapes. After choosing the shape, you can select your preferred sticker. You can also select a Custom Shape and we can trim the sticker according to the exact shape and size of your design.

Ready to design stickers? Try our online design tool to create your own layout in minutes! It’s easy, free, and lets you checkout directly as soon as you’re done with your design.

Waterproof Stickers FAQ