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Do the Smart Thing & Put a QR Code on Your Mailers

Smart phone technology is so important for marketing your business nowadays and using QR codes should be a serious consideration for every mailer you send. QR codes bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds and make it impossibly easy for customers to order a product, call your business, or see and store your location. Not only that, but the technology is available, it's free, and using QR codes makes your business look progressive and modern.


What is a QR code? How do I create one?


QR code example

NextDayFlyers website QR code


For those who aren't sure what a QR code is, a QR code is a small rectangular barcode that can be printed on any of your print products. It contains a link to a Facebook page, web page, portfolio site or any other piece of cyberspace that you'd like to send people to. It utilizes smart phone scanning technology to navigate to a specific page or even carry out a specific phone function, such as opening Google map direction.

As long as the viewer has a QR reader application on their phone, they can take a picture of a QR barcode and the application will auto-navigate or perform a function via their phone!

Create your QR code
There are many free QR code generators online. One of the best and easiest sites to use is that enables you to generate URL's, text messages and phone numbers.
Once you've generated your code, you can put this code anywhere on your marketing materials. It's simply a case of right-clicking on the image and saving it in your folder to use on your designs.

Other useful QR code generators:

      •       Google Instructions to create a QR code for your location in Google Maps

      •       Zxing is a QR generator site where you can create all your phone, email, and               contact details









































Put a QR code on your mailers and you can make them so much more than a simple print promotion. It's a slick and easy way to drive customers to specific offers, content or social media pages.


Here are some of the amazing things you can achieve with the addition of a QR code:


•  Automatically dial your telephone number

•  View your message or special offer

•  View a positive review on Yelp, Google, or your BBB page

•  View your mobile landing page or checkout page

•  Add your contact details to someone's device

•  Open your location in someone's Google Maps app

•View your social media profile

Add a QR code to any of your direct mail promotions and give them extra-ease and power. Even if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, a QR code represents so many possibilities for print-to-digital marketing.


Use these helpful tips to create your own QR code mailing promos! Upload your design today, or design your postcard online using our professional design tool.