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Create and Print Postcards That Convert: 4 Easy-to-Follow Tips

Despite the growth and evolution of online marketing, time-tested, tried-and-true tactics like postcard marketing can still boost your bottom line. Postcards are effective because they are personal, difficult to ignore, and can be customized easily to fit any promotion. Moreover, the cost to create and print postcards using an online printing company is relatively low, while the potential for return is great - as long as you follow some basic rules.

 Read on for four tips on how to create and print postcards that convert!


1. Focus on One Message

 Marketers often make the novice mistake of trying to cram too much information into the small space a 4-by-6- or 5-by-7-inch postcard affords. A more effective approach is to choose one thing to focus on and drive it home to your audience. Some examples include announcing a grand opening, highlighting a particular product, or promoting a sale. Focusing on one message lets your audience digest it easily and makes it much easier to respond.


2. Make the Postcard Graphically Strong

 Strong graphic design is crucial to effective postcard marketing. Your postcard design should include appropriate images that suit your promotion, 2 to 3 fonts maximum, a visually-pleasing design that draws attention to key pieces of information, and text that conveys your message clearly and succinctly. Often, "less is more," so use white space to guide the viewer's eye. It's better to have a clean look than a cluttered one.


3. Personalize It

 Personalizing your message is key. If you speak to your audience in a personal way, they will experience your message as genuine, as opposed to one sent to everyone in a 50-mile radius. You can also target your message to specific groups; if you're marketing to families, talk about issues of concern to families. If you're marketing to non-profits, align your message with a non-profit's needs. And if you want to personalize a generic message, write your copy in a friendly yet professional tone.


4. Opt for Quality

 Quality matters! Make a good impression on your audience and don't skimp on postcard stock and printing. Postcards are affordable enough, so using high-grade postcard stock and a professional printer is likely well within your budget. Lastly, remember the front side of your postcard is not always the first one seen. Be sure that both sides look great, and you'll leave a lasting impression on your audience no matter what. Learn 4 layout design tips for effective postcards.