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Versatility. Paper Stock

Choose the paper that's best for your print project

  14pt cardstock 100lb. Gloss Cover 100lb. Gloss Book 80lb. Gloss Book 70lb. Uncoated Book
Appointment Cards        
Business Cards        
CD Inserts      
Club Flyers
Loyalty Cards        
Die Cuts      
Door Hangers      
DVD Inserts      
Folded Cards      
Gift Certificates      
Greeting Cards      
Presentation Folders        
Rack Cards      
Sell Sheets
Table Tents        
60 lb. Crack & Peel Sticker
20 mil and 25 mil Magnets

70lb. Uncoated Opaque Paper

70lb. Uncoated Opaque Paper Twice the thickness of ordinary copier paper, allowing for writing, typing, and copying on both sides. Fully compatible with laser printers and high speed copying machines.

100lb. Gloss Bookweight Paper

100lb. Gloss Bookweight Paper Considerably thicker and stiffer than any uncoated opaque paper, 100lb. glossy bookweight paper is ideal for applications that call for vibrant colors and durability.

14pt Cardstock

14 pt. Cardstock Our thickest and stiffest paper, 14pt cardstock is coated to make colors jump off the page. Plus, 14pt cardstock provides a tactile sense of strength and durability. Also used for applying maximum strength to postal items.

Magnets on 20, 25 mil. Stock

Magnets on 20, 25 mil. Stock Magnets that can be printed make a unique and versatile marketing tool. We offer two thicknesses of magnet stock and a superb variety of shapes and sizes. Magnets created in both 20 mil. and 25 mil. can be put inside an envelope and sent through the standard mail service.

80lb. Gloss Bookweight Paper

A thicker text paper that is perfect for multi-page documents and promotions. Provides a reflective gloss appearance and has a minimal show through. Can be used for cost-effective posters.

100lb. Gloss Cover Paper

A gloss covered paper stock that is associated with professional presentations. It is typically used for booklet covers and postal items that require robust mailing durability.

60lb. Crack & Peel Stickers

60lb. Crack & Peel Stickers We create stickers in a wide range of shapes and sizes including round, square and rectangular. Our 60lb. Crack & Peel Sticker stock is recommended for indoor use and offers the convenience of east to peel backing. This stock allows the colors to appear exceptionally vibrant and lend themselves to a huge variety of uses.