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Packaging Supplies

Everything you need to enhance your products.
Custom Boxes
Custom Boxes

  • Products, e-commerce, shipping
  • Premium cardstock options
  • Durable corrugated material


  • Keeps products fresh & sealed
  • Economical & space-saving
  • Stand-up & flat options

Hang Tags
Hang Tags

  • Great for retail products
  • Premium cardstock options
  • Drill hole for easy hanging

Header Cards
Header Cards

  • Easy way to brand items
  • Peg or sombrero style hole
  • Scored for easier folding


  • Sticks to any surface
  • Waterproof material options
  • Custom sizes & shapes


  • Promotional packaging freebies
  • Indoor & outdoor materials
  • Custom shapes & sizes

Complete Packaging Supplies for Any Product

Whether you’re selling online or in-stores, your product presentation plays an important role in a consumer’s purchasing decision. Custom packaging is not only a form of promotion, it is an extension of your brand. It reaches every customer and directly impacts their perception of your business.

Give your products a boost without breaking the bank by printing packaging supplies. At NextDayFlyers, we offer a wide variety of packaging supplies you can customize to suit your requirement. Whether you’re selling food and beverages, retail goods, or pharmaceutical products, we offer packaging solutions for any business and industry.

We offer custom packaging boxes and pouches that are versatile for all kinds of products. Our custom boxes can be personalized for products, e-commerce mailers, and shipping purposes. You can order them according to the exact size of your merchandise and choose from premium cardstock and durable corrugated cardboard materials.

If you need something more economical, custom pouches are a great option for products that do not require elaborate packaging. These are widely used for food products like coffee, nuts, and cereal because they stay fresh. You can also store liquids in these pouches without worrying about spillage.

We also print labels and stickers, hang tags, and header cards for easy branding. Adding these custom prints with your logo immediately enhances your products.

Customizing retail packaging supplies with NextDayFlyers is quick and hassle-free. Just select your preferred printing specs on our website order calculator, upload your design, get a free file proof, and we’ll have your order ready for shipping in just a few business days.

If you have questions or need some help getting started, our friendly printing experts are ready to assist you. Contact us at 855-898-9870 or send an email to

Good Packaging is King

Anyone can order packaging supplies and call it a day, but your product must stand out from the rest once it’s on the shelves. Retailers only have 3 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention, so your packaging design needs to make a big impact. Here are some design tips to keep in mind.

Select the right material for your box. This is to check not only whether the material will hold against the actual product but also how the material will affect your design. Cardstock coating like gloss adds sheen and saturation to colorful graphics while matte lamination suits minimalist art and darker tones.

Keep your label content short and catchy. Keep your words simple and easy to read from any distance. Choose colors that pop, but make sure your label design is distinct and representative of your brand, product, and application.

Ensure your design is press-ready. Before you upload your design, make sure your file is press-ready. Run through our checklist for the proper file set up so your design prints accurately and according to your expectations. File dimensions should match the size of your order. All images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi or more. Make sure nothing gets trimmed off by taking note of the bleed, trim marks, and content within the safety zone.

Ready to print packaging supplies? Upload your design now and our print experts can review your design and make sure it’s good to go.

If you don’t have a layout yet, our easy-to-use online design tool lets you create a layout in minutes. You can also download one of our print templates to help you get started.

Other Packaging Products From NextDayFlyers
  • Postcards – Great as “Thank You” cards you can include with every order
  • Loyalty cards – Promotes customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Flyers – Include in your packaging to highlight other products and promotions
  • Brochures – Print a full list of your products and services for your customer’s reference

Packaging Supplies FAQs

When can I expect my packaging supplies delivered?
This depends on available printing turnaround and shipping options for your chosen product. You can get estimated delivery dates and shipping costs by entering your ZIP code on the order calculator.

Can I order a sample box?
Yes, you can order a sample box printed according to your preferences. On the box product page order calculator, select your box printing specs and be sure to choose 1 Sample under the quantity dropdown.

Do you provide free printing samples?
You can request a free sample kit by filling out the request form. This sample kit includes printouts of our available paper stocks and coatings. By ordering our sample kit, you can compare various materials and coatings to give you an idea of how your final printed piece will look before ordering.

I don’t have a design yet, do you offer templates?
We offer free print templates you can download from the product page Templates tab. These templates are blank but contain predefined guidelines like the bleed, trim, and safety zone to help you get started on your design. Just select your preferred product size and download the ZIP file in your preferred file format.

How much do packaging supplies cost?
It depends on what type of product, material, and quantity you order. You can get an instant quote by indicating your preferred printing specs on the order calculator. Each time you pick, our website automatically generates the estimated price of your order.