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Nutrition Labels

  • Waterproof and refrigerator-safe
  • Cut-to-size or roll format
  • Custom shapes and sizes
Nutrition Labels

Print Nutrition Labels for Any Food Product

Provide customers important product information with the help of custom nutrition labels. With NextDayFlyers, it only takes a few minutes to personalize labels in various sizes, shapes, and premium materials.

A consumer’s purchase decision relies on effective and informative nutrition labels. The right food label not only brands your product, but should also tell a customer the ingredients, nutritional value, and any allergies to look out for. This legal requirement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes it easy for shoppers to compare and choose products according to their needs.

At NextDayFlyers, you can easily upload your design and customize labels with our online order calculator. We offer custom labels in convenient individual cuts or easy-to-apply roll format.

Our wide variety of indoor and outdoor materials come in protective matte and gloss finishes. From waterproof vinyl to clear labels, white premium stickers to elegantly textured labels, we offer plenty of adhesives suitable for any kind of food and storage requirements.

What to Include in Your Nutrition Labels

The nutrition facts panel indicates four (4) main components: your product’s average serving size, amount of serving sizes per container, total calories, and corresponding daily values.

Serving size is the average amount consumed for this product. They are measured in standard amounts such as a cup or an ounce.

Servings per container indicate the total amount of servings for the entire package or container.

Calories are the total amount of calories per serving size. So if a food packaging or container holds four (4) serving sizes with 250 calories per serving, the total amount of calories consumed for the entire product is 1,000 calories.

% Daily Value (%DV) refers to how much nutrients are contributed to your daily diet per serving. This helps consumers understand whether the product is healthy and contributes to their dietary needs.

Custom Label Printing Tips

To make the most of your label printing, keep these design tips in mind as you customize nutrition labels:


  • The food product’s storage requirements must determine the material. For general indoor applications, uncoated stocks such as premium white paper sticker and Estate adhesive papers are suitable. Outdoor and refrigerator-safe labels should be printed on weatherproof 4 mil. white vinyl or oil- and water-resistant BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene).
  • Choose a coating that enhances your label design. For example, gloss adds shine and boosts color saturation, while matte coating has a more subdued effect and does not reflect light.

Shapes and Sizes

  • Measure the label area application before choosing the shape and size. Note that circle and oval-shaped labels adhere better on curved surfaces, while rectangle and square labels provide more space for nutritional information.
  • 2.5” x 3” is a popular size for general food products. It’s the same size as a business card and suits information like ingredients and preparation instructions.

Ready to get started? Upload your design now and our resident print experts can proof your file for free.

Print food labels with NextDayFlyers today. Select next-day printing and your stickers will ship out within 24 hours.

Nutrition Labels FAQs