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How Custom Boxes Can Help Your Small E-Commerce Business Thrive

Written By: Leslie Taylor | Article Date: March 24, 2023

Today’s customers no longer buy first at malls or brick-and-mortar stores. Online shopping is the new default, whether on e-commerce sites or social media. Forbes expects retail purchases online to increase from 20.8% in 2023 to 24% by 2026. Online shopping is not just a trend anymore but a consumer behavior that will continue to grow in the coming years.

As more brands dabble in e-commerce, the game of coming up with creative ways to package deliveries is going to get tougher as well. Don’t fret — your small business can distinguish itself when you choose custom boxes to pack every order. An investment in your business’ box printing increases the chances of consistent customers and repeat sales. Read on to discover how your custom boxes help set your small business apart.

Gets Your Unique Branding in Front of Customers.

How Custom Boxes Can Help Your Small E-Commerce Business Thrive
This box design plays with a tea company’s name with soothing colors to reinforce the brand image.
Since customers pre-select and shop online, your custom box is their first physical interaction with your brand, which means you have an opportunity to design a box that they’d be excited to unwrap. You have complete freedom to design every inch of your box, so use the package to showcase your logo, company name, brand colors, and slogan. Don’t forget to include other relevant information, such as contact details and social media handles, so they continue interacting with your brand after the purchase. Once they’ve learned your unique branding elements on the box, they’ll start associating these with your business when seen in other promotions.

Encourages Customers to Buy More Products.

Beautiful custom boxes reaffirm your customer’s taste — it makes them feel that they made the right decision to buy from your business. An appealing and durable package assures them they’ve made a wise choice. Take advantage of a strong impression and suggest a repeat purchase to help grow your e-commerce business. Emphasize the product’s benefits on the interior flaps, introduce them to a routine if you have products that work better together, or tell them about a cause you are advocating so they will have more reasons to support you.

You can also deliver the items with a free catalog or brochure that details all of your products. Customers can refer to these materials whenever they’re ready to buy again. Better yet, send exclusive discounts or deals printed on postcards to show appreciation and help them save on their next purchase.

Creates an Unforgettable and Shareable Unboxing Experience.

As a small business, you may have limited resources to spend on advertising. Don’t worry, you can still send customers an exciting package they’ll want to unbox and share (and for free!) on their social media feeds even if you’re working on a budget. Urge your customers to post their unboxing video or photo on social media — not only this is a promotion, their local community gets to see it and learn about you as well.

To create a package worth posting about:

  1. Unveil your items with excitement.
  2. Avoid revealing the delivered products immediately.
  3. Cover them first with tissue paper that has your company name or logo. The branded elements reinforce your image while building anticipation for the coveted items.

Underneath the tissue or wrapping paper, arrange your products in an organized manner. For example, a skincare brand can place the items according to the order on which they are used in a nighttime routine. Think of how customers will be using them or how they can reveal each one in their unboxing video.

Saves your Business Money and Ensures Safe, Secure Deliveries.

Saves your Business Money and Ensures Safe, Secure Deliveries.
Custom boxes let you order the exact size for one or several items you need to ship. Getting custom box specifications as accurately as possible can mean spending less on the space and weight your products take up during shipping. In addition, less space inside the box prevents the items from moving around in transit and absorbing damage from external impact. You spend within your designated budget for custom box printing while ensuring secure deliveries to all your customers.

Personalize the Details on Your Custom Boxes

Your e-commerce’s custom boxes carry a customer’s first impression, the business’s branding and determine their potential next purchase. It’s crucial to design each detail towards these goals while also providing customers an unforgettable experience they’ll want to share online and repeat for future buys.

NextDayFlyers makes it easy to create your custom box printing design. After selecting your personalized specifications, the Online Designer lets you customize every detail and preview it online in 3D. Check out the different boxes you can print with NextDayFlyers today.