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Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

Personalize your holiday messages with custom greeting cards.

Upload any design and customize holiday cards in premium materials and finishes.

Holiday Cards: Make Every Message Memorable

Create a genuine connection with your customers this season with custom holiday cards. Print personalized holiday greetings and heartfelt letters for your friends and family, customers, and employees.

Holiday printing lets you create a seamless festive look for all your promotions while delivering messages that make an impact. People receive enough standard holiday cards with generic greetings. Custom holiday cards let you stand out from competition by printing personal messages tailored to your recipients.

At NextDayFlyers, you can print holiday cards for any message. Choose between flat or folded greeting cards, and include envelopes with your order. We offer various card sizes and materials you can choose from to suit your requirements.

Our customization options and guaranteed printing turnarounds ensure you get the quality prints your business deserves.

How Do I Design Effective Holiday Cards?

Print your own holiday cards at NextDayFlyers, and we can have them ready for shipping in just a few business days. Upload your design now and our print geeks can check your file for free. If you don't have a design yet, our online design tool lets you create and edit greeting cards from scratch.

Here are some quick design printing tips to help you get started.

Design holiday cards with your own photos. Depending on your message, you can print family portraits and use images of your business. This is your chance to show the human side of your brand by using photos of your employees, executives, and staff during company events, which can help you build deeper connections with your customers and clients. You can also use pictures of annual milestones to thank your employees for their hard work.

Get festive with metallic printing. The holidays are the perfect time to stand out and experiment with different designs. Metallic printing is ideal for Christmas because you can add shimmer to any color you like. It doesn't have to be just gold or silver. We can layer silver foil beneath the colors you choose to create a stunning sparkle.

Add elegance with silk coating. The smooth silk coating adds a muted yet luxurious finish to any design while adding a layer of protection against moisture. Silk holiday cards are ideal for brands looking to impress their customers the whole year round.

Enhance your designs with high-quality finishes. Print vibrant full-color designs on sturdy cardstock with protective matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV coating options. Gloss coating boosts colorful designs by amplifying their vibrance and saturation. Matte has a subdued and muted effect that looks perfect on darker colors and minimalist designs. You can also choose uncoated stock, which is easier to write on using any pen so that you can add personalized messages and your signature.

If you need some help, download our free print templates to get started. These are blank templates containing predefined dielines to set up your design using any editing application.

Holiday Cards FAQs