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Beverage Packaging

Enhance any bottled product and canned beverage with custom box packaging.

Beverage Packaging

Beverage Packaging: Boost Protection and Product Presentation

Upgrade your beverage packaging with the help of high-quality custom boxes. Drinks may already be bottled or canned, but the added touch of tailor-made packaging can capture more attention, amplify your branding, and protect your products during shipping and handling.

Whether it’s for liquor or wine, sodas or juice—you can customize our boxes in the exact size to fit your product. You can create a high-quality box to hold a single drink, multiple products, or dozens for shipping to retailers and partners.

Our 3D box design tool and online order calculator make it easy to produce custom boxes tailored to your preferred size, material, color, quantity, and design. We offer a wide range of box styles and printing options to suit your brand, from premium product boxes to corrugated mailers and shipping boxes.

Print your beverage packaging with NextDayFlyers, and our print experts can proof your design for free to make sure it’s print-ready! Proofing ensures your designs are press-ready and will print according to your exact requirements.

How to Customize Your Beverage Packaging

Our beverage packaging options come in three (3) types: product boxes, mailer boxes, and shipping boxes.

  • Product boxes are ideal for single items or products with a lighter volume. Think single bottled liquor. For product boxes, we offer cardstock material which is like a thick paper board. Its surface is perfect for high-resolution and vibrant printing. Choose from 14 pt., 18 pt., and 24 pt. cardstock. The higher the number, the thicker the material.

  • Tip: Take your custom box design to the next with special printing features like spot UV, foil stamping, and embossing. These are available through custom quotes.

  • Mailer boxes are the most popular choice for e-commerce brands. We use thick corrugated cardboard to store multiple products in one box. These are perfect for monthly subscriptions to send bottles to customers.

  • Tip: Elevate the unboxing experience by printing on the inside of the custom box. Our box printing services let you print in full color on all sides of the packaging and add protective gloss, matte, or high-gloss UV coating.

  • Shipping boxes are the best choice for protecting high-quantity products, especially during deliveries. Like mailer boxes, we use durable corrugated cardboard material that provides a cushion for high-volume deliveries and heavy equipment.

  • Tip: Choose from white, premium white, and kraft brown corrugated cardboard that is strong enough to withstand multiple handling and deliveries.

If you have questions or need some help getting started, our friendly printing experts are ready to assist you. Contact us at 855-898-9870 or send an email to

It’s easy to print boxes on our website. You can customize the exact length, width, and depth of your custom box to fit your product perfectly.

For materials, you can choose between cardstock and corrugated cardboard.

  • Cardstock is like a thick paper board that provides a smooth surface for high-quality printing, perfect for product boxes. Its premium appearance makes it ideal for in-store displays. Choose from 14 pt., 18 pt., and 24 pt. cardstock. The higher the number, the thicker the material.

  • Corrugated cardboard is thicker and widely used for heavier products or items sent in the mail. Choose from white, premium white, and kraft brown corrugated cardboard that is strong enough to withstand multiple handling and deliveries.


How do I order boxes with unique features like foil stamping and embossing?
You can request a custom quote and one of our box specialists will get back to you in one (1) business day. We provide custom quotes for special requests and other printing options you don’t see on the website.

Are your beverage boxes waterproof?
No. We use cardstock and cardboard, which are not waterproof. You can add a protective coating on cardstock material to protect against moisture, but it does not make it water-resistant.

Can I design my box offline?
Yes, you can use any preferred design application to create your box design. We recommend that you place an order with us first to send you a dieline template of your box specs. A dieline indicates the proper bleed, trim, and crease lines of your box to help you set up your design file properly.

Can I order a sample box first?
Yes. You can order a sample box first before printing a large quantity. We will produce the box in your preferred printing specs and have it delivered to your address. On the order calculator, select “1 Sample” under quantity. Note that a sample box takes 3-5 business days to produce.

Will someone check my custom box design?
Yes, our prepress team reviews each submitted design before printing. You can also request a free PDF proof file before confirming your order for production. In printing, proofs allow you to see how your boxes would look as a finished product, check for any errors, and make the necessary revisions. We recommend that you select free digital proofing to ensure your custom boxes will print according to your specifications.