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Tea Boxes

  • Premium cardstock and cardboard
  • Protective matte or gloss finish
  • Free online design tool

Tea Boxes to Highlight Your Product and Brand

Get your products noticed with high-quality packaging. NextDayFlyers specializes in custom packaging printing for any type of product. You can design and print tea boxes to fit the exact size of your product and choose the best materials to stand out from the shelves.

Product boxes are among the most cost-effective packaging for all types of teas. They are not only eco-friendly, but are also sturdy enough to withstand shipping, handling, and storage.

We use cardstock and corrugated cardboard because their surface is perfect for high-resolution printing.

For cardstock, we offer three (3) thickness options:

  • 14 pt. cardstock is thin and lightweight, suitable for lighter products.
  • 18 pt. cardstock is a popular choice because it can package most types of products.
  • 24 pt. cardstock is the thickest cardstock option and ideal for larger products.

For corrugated cardboard, you can choose from three (3) types:

  • Standard white corrugated cardboard comes in a smooth, uncoated finish and is thick enough for shipping.
  • Premium white corrugated cardboard has a shiny surface and goes well with colorful graphics and vivid design details.
  • Kraft brown corrugated cardboard comes in a natural brown box finish that suits organic brands and single-colored designs.

Design Tea Boxes With Ease

Ordering custom tea boxes with NextDayFlyers is simple. If you don’t have a design yet, it’s easy to create one from scratch on our website—no design experience necessary. When you create your tea box design, be sure to include important information and features that customers will find attractive.

Tea Origins.

Where is your product grown? Tea-drinkers want to know which country your tea is from and may already know which kind of blends they prefer. Aside from including the tea origins in your packaging, you can benefit from communicating this immediately in the design and colors you use.

Unique selling point.

What makes your tea special? Let consumers know. Labels that state your product is “100% Organic” or “FDA Approved” can immediately put you ahead of the competition. Highlight your product benefits in the packaging design so like-minded customers can relate to your brand values.

Flavors and type of tea.

Make it easy for shoppers to choose between product varieties by prominently displaying what kind of tea it is. The colors and graphics you use should communicate that from a single glance.

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