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Quick-Fire Questions: Ada Rosman

How fascinating are artists? I think they’re among the most interesting and passionate people. Ask them about their art or their work and—almost instantly—they’ll leave you in awe of their stories.

I had the chance to interview one of them, Ada Rosman of Ada Rosman Jewelry. A talented metalsmith who handcrafts beautiful jewelry. Case in point, how pretty are these gemstone and metal pieces?

Handmade Jewelry Inspired by Nature  

Ada and her family are immigrants from Communist Poland. Among the things she brought with her are the value of hard work, the courage to dream big, and the belief that anything is possible.

Ada’s love for metalsmithing came unexpectedly, but it all worked out for the best. She found the passion that inspired her to be her most creative self.

Quick-Fire Questions

Tell us about your jewelry business. How did it start?  

 I started my jewelry business soon after I graduated from the University of Washington. I took a metalsmithing class during the winter quarter of what was supposed to be my last year at the University. 

I loved it so much (thanks to Professor Mary Hu) that I dropped both of my other majors and got a BFA degree in Metals. 

 Why types of jewelry do you make?  

I have a production line of jewelry that I sellIt’smade up of ready to mail items,custom work, and personalized pieces. 

handmade metal necklace jewelry

Ada shares how much she enjoys the creative process that goes into every piece. But if she has to choose between ready-made and custom…  

 I truly love making custom jewelry because it gives me the chance to create wearable pieces of artwork that tell the story of the wearer. I enjoy the entire process from designing with the client to creating unique heirloom-quality pieces of jewelry and accessories. 

 Walk us through your creative process. How does each piece come to life?  

 Each piece starts out as an ideaI begin with a quick sketch and then create mock-ups on the computer. Everything I make starts out as raw sterling silver material in a silver sheet

Each item is lovingly cut out with a jewelers saw, soldered with my studio torch, and leaned with my flex shaft. Some pieces are also given a patina bath to create a vintage feel. All the pieces I make are done in-house. 

polishing metal ring jewelry

What is your favorite piece so far and what is the story behind it?  

 I haven’t had a chance to share it online yet, but I recently completed a unique custom ordermade a 25th-anniversary wedding ring out of a woman’s wedding ring. 

The whole process was a wonderful experienceI met the client in person and discussed elements she admiredWe also incorporated lots of sentimental details into the new ring. There were heart elementswhich originally had been hand-drawn by her two children, pierced out from sheets of metal to have a sweet little reminder of them. 

When I finished, I was so thankful and thrilled that she picked me to create such a unique and truly special ring for her. 


Besides jewelry, Ada also makes key chains, bookmarks, and home décor including picture frames. 

What challenges do you face as an artist and business owner?

“Being able to separate work from family time and raising a child.”

What business or personal milestone has inspired you to keep on creating?

“Having the opportunity to speak at the Tacoma Art Museum about my work as well as my business. It was such a special experience and privilege to be included in an amazing line-up of artists that I admired.”

Thank you for trusting us to print your business cards. How was your experience?

“I continually come back to NextDayFlyers for all of my print work. I have truly been satisfied with the color, quality, and paper finish throughout the years. Also, I love the reliable turnaround time.” Share on X

simple white business card with girl drawing

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Purposeful Future

Ada hopes for a promising future—not just for her—but for other local artisans as well. She looks forward to having a space where artists and makers like herself can showcase their work and hold workshops for the public.

For now, Ada is happy doing what she loves and promotes her handmade jewelry on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Despite the convenience, she still prefers to do it the old-fashioned way.

“Local events are a great way to meet people, and personally see how people interact with my pieces.”

And they’re a great place to hand out business cards, too!


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