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Managing Through Coronavirus: Small Businesses, Nonprofits Adapt in Creative Ways

States across the country are either gearing up for reopening or in the process of easing back into a state of normalcy. Health officials continue to warn the public of the risks and remind that with more freedom comes added responsibilities for everyone’s safety.

While this means businesses can resume their operations after months of limited to no activity, many are still anxious to reopen and are turning to their local government for guidance.

There is no telling how things will unfold in the coming days, so for now, here are stories from our community. May they bring you inspiration and spark creative solutions for your own company or cause.

Managing Through Uncertain Times  

Small businesses everywhere found themselves unprepared, struggling to stay afloat. Even with the coronavirus stimulus package, many are unsure if they can ever pick up where they left off. Nonprofits on the other hand are left with limited options and financial support to continue serving their community.  

 Their business models were affected, but they have been able to manage through a crippling situation with creativity and determination.   

Black Thread Products  

Since 2013, LA-based Black Thread Products has been creating original, handmade haircut capes and aprons. Run by a motherandson duo, the brand is known for their excellent quality and simple designs that are crafted to last for years.  

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, they figured that they would need to adapt to the needs of the current environment. As such, their workshop shifted from making haircut tapes and aprons to face masks.    

“It’s been a month since we’ve started the current project and we are loving the fact that we can provide a useful service for the country right now. Together we can overcome what is currently going on.” 

Black Thread’s pivot to face masks answers the community’s need for protective productsIt is inspiring how quickly they were able to meet current demand while finding a way to keep their business going.  

 They send out their handmade face masks with a business card to further promote their brand.  

From handmade haircut capes and aprons to making face masks. LA-based brand, Black Thread Products, shifts its efforts…

Posted by NextDayFlyers on Friday, April 17, 2020

Help Me Help You 

Help Me Help You is a community-based nonprofit organization that has provided food pantry services to the homeless and low-income communities since 2006. But because of COVID-19 and the social distancing rules, they found themselves unable to operate. Their pantries also had to close following the stay at home order. 

Undeterred by these challenges and committed to sending help where it is needed the most, they improvised. 

“We decided to rent a 15-foot truck and bag up all of the food into the truck, which allowed us to go to our locations and distribute from the truck. We wanted to make sure that others in the community could see what we were doing and know that they can come for services as well.” 

 What they needed next was a way to rally support and let clients know that help is on the way. Social media updates and a banner proved to serve their purpose. 

 “Your sign has been a big help in getting much-needed resources… food… to the community!” 

 If you want to learn more about the organization and send help their way, check out their Facebook page 

Since 2006, community-based, non-profit organization Help Me Help You, has provided food pantry services to the homeless…

Posted by NextDayFlyers on Friday, April 24, 2020

Olivia’s Bow Club  

Olivia’s Bow Club strives to bring joy into the homes of their customers with adorable bows. A brand created by a mom for other moms, Olivia’s is passionate about supporting mompreneurs in their area and allowing “mom-power” to drive their brand forward.   

 Olivia’s was proactive in handling the coronavirus situation. They made sure that the business carried on and found ways to communicate their message of hope and encouragement to their community through postcards 

 “As a small, familyrun business, our customers are like family and we want to make sure they always feel loved and supported.” 

 Not only that, but they also made face masks for donations. Customers can buy a face mask to be sent out to essential workers. The masks are sold at only the cost of materials and shipping is free.  

 “With all of the heaviness happening in the world right now, we wanted to remind our customers that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we hope to bring an extra smile to their faces throughout the coming months.” 


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