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Quick Fire Questions: In Style Wear

In Style Wear is an online clothing boutique that sells trendy clothes for women. Based in Brownsville, Texas, the company was founded based on a love for fashion and a desire to bring stylish pieces at affordable prices to a community of smart, chic women.

Fashion Forward Business Growth

Jeannette Rivera started In Style Wear as an online-only business in October 2017. It’s been growing steadily ever since.

In Style Wear opened a small shop space in April 2018. One year later, the trendy fashion store moved to a big, beautiful brick and mortar boutique.

They also expanded their online business and offer worldwide shipping.

Quick Fire Questions

About In Style Wear

Can you tell us what inspired In Style Wear?

“Although there are tons of boutiques, I was looking for clothes that are trending at affordable prices. I was either buying chic clothes at over $100 or clothes that weren’t so trendy at reasonable prices. I started looking to fill that gap.”

Trendy, Affordable Clothing for Women

What makes In Style Wear unique?

“We are always striving to bring something to our customers that other boutiques don’t offer. We proudly carry tee shirts that are hand painted by a fashion illustrator and inspired by high-end designers. They’re very popular with our clients.”

Growing a Stylish Community

How do you reach your customers?

“I promote In Style Wear on social media. Additionally, I work with fashion-forward bloggers who love our clothes. They let their followers know about our online store.”

Putting Hang Tags to Creative Use

To further build In Style Wear’s social media following, grow sales, and build brand awareness, Jeanette printed hang tags with NextDayFlyers. 

Hang Tags on Stunning Dresses

How have you put your hang tags to use?

“We love our hang tags printed by NextDayFlyers. One side has our logo. The other side has our social media information.”

We love our hang tags printed by NextDayFlyers. Click To Tweet

How did you find the overall printing experience?

“We are very pleased that we get great quality and our hang tags are shipped very fast.”

We are very pleased that we get great quality and our hang tags are shipped very fast. Click To Tweet
Hang Tags on Stylish Jeans

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Online Shopping That Looks So Good

In Style Wear offers a wide range of chic fashion for women at affordable prices. You can shop online for cool jeans and tops, stunning dresses, jumpsuits and more.

Facebook: @instylewear1
Instagram: @instylewear
Twitter: @instylewear

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