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Quick-Fire Questions: Clavel

Recently updated on April 8th, 2018 at 09:11 am

At NextDayFlyers, we do business with a variety of interesting companies. In this week’s post, we look at the history of Clavel, a family-run business that makes massage gels for body pain and creams for scar reduction.

Let’s take a look at how the company began.

Clavel: A Company Born Out of Necessity

Every company’s roots can be found somewhere. In Clavel’s case, its beginnings can be tied to a car accident in 1968. Dr. David Halbert, a general surgeon, had to deal with the aftermath of a car accident that saw his 9-year-old son fall out of a car and get struck by the rear wheel. The injuries the boy sustained were extensive. There was bone, eye, and skin damage. The boy had to undergo numerous plastic surgeries over the next 15 years.

Dr. Halbert then used his knowledge of medicine to formulate a product that’s designed to reduce the scars his son incurred. That product would go on to be named ScarSol® and be later released to the public.

Clavel Blue Stop Max and ScarSOF

Growing a Company: Quick-Fire Questions

Clavel was incorporated in 1994 and has launched other products since then all in the name of relieving bodyache and scar reduction. They have two main lines under their brand: The Sof Line™ for scar treatment and Blue Stop Max®, massage gels for instant, cooling relief for body aches.

Clavel joins us today to answer questions about their business in hopes of inspiring other entrepreneurs.

In this Clavel ad, they explain how Blue Stop Max can help with muscle and joint pain.

How do your products differ from your competitors’?

“Clavél is a cosmetic manufacturer of quality Health & Beauty products that relieve body aches and nourish problem areas of the skin. All of our products use an Organic Aloe Vera base rather than water or alcohol.

Our top seller Blue Stop Max is a topical massage gel that offers fast, soothing relief with Emu Oil and Natural Menthol.

Our Sof Line is an array of beauty creams that target problem areas of the skin and help with treatment of scars, stretch marks, dry patches, wrinkles, and more.”

As your company grew, what challenges did you guys have to deal with?

“Over the years Clavél has transitioned from selling to independent stores and pharmacies to being available nationwide in some of the largest retailers in the country. This type of growth has presented a number of challenges, but none more difficult than finding efficient ways to spread the word and advertise our premium products.”

Blue Stop Max

How do people find you and your products? Are you focused on using traditional advertising channels or are you using new media to find customers?

“Our customers have played the biggest role in advertising our brand through word of month. We believe in our product and have found trial to be our best means of advertising, so we encourage everyone to try a sample.

We have a store locator on our website,, where you can find the nearest store or you can buy direct as our full line is available.”

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who may be second-guessing their decision to pursue their dreams?

“Identify your market and clearly define the problem you are solving first… then be bold and find efficient ways to prove your concept and trust your instincts.”

Working with NextDayFlyers

The company had recently collaborated with NextDayFlyers to produce flyers for their ad campaign. We asked Clavel what made them use flyers to promote their products and how they have done so.

What made you decide to use flyers for your ad campaign?

“We needed a companion to our tearaway samples for health screenings and demonstrations in one of our retailers. When the consumer received a sample of Blue Stop Max® AND a flyer educating them on the benefits, sales increased. The flyers also helped build brand loyalty as the sample was thrown away after use and the flyer stayed with the customer and led to return purchases.”

NDF Clavel Quote


Why did you choose NextDayFlyers as your printing partner? How did you hear about us?

“NextDayFlyers is able to provide quality printing at a reasonable price and, most importantly, meet our deadlines. A designer’s best friend!”

If you’re interested to learn more about Clavel and their awesome line of products, you can find them through or on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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