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Category: Green Your Life

Green Your Life: Green Spring Clean

It’s that time of the year again for rejuvenation. Rejuvenation of the earth, the soul, the mind and your bathroom? Yep! It’s spring cleaning time! An annual tradition of discovering you still have that MC Hammer flyer stuffed in with your Circuit City receipt for that laser disc player that you just are still not sure if you are going to keep.

A spring clean gives you the chance to start off new and fresh. So while you are starting new and fresh, do it while keeping mama earth new and fresh with these eco-tips on spring cleaning the green way!

Green Your Life: Making an Eco-Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to over do the celebration on Valentine’s Day as a couple. Whether it’s an extravagant dinner, flowers, chocolates, extra special gifts, and even a trip somewhere, you can go broke while creating a ton of waste and pollution; all in the goal to show your love on cupid’s birthday. Why not show your love for your significant other while showing love for mama earth with these great ways to be green on red day.