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22 Funny and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Recently updated on September 27th, 2017 at 01:48 am

Halloween is just round the corner and right now, you might be thinking about your costume for the office contest or your trick-or-treat event. With all the parties you have planned, you might need some help finding just the right custome. Well look no further. We’ve compiled 22 super funny and easy Halloween costume ideas that you can make yourself  that won’t break the bank.

Ranging from the 5-minute costume to some that will take a little more, these adult Halloween costumes are bound to get a few laughs at the party. Also, it’s so much more rewarding and exciting to make your own costume than simply picking one off the shelf (that’s half the fun!) So get inspired by the following easy Halloween costume ideas and don’t settle for a disappointing and unoriginal costume.

1. Celebrity Babies

Celebrity baby halloween costume


Angeline Jolie and baby costume. You just need a Baby Bjorn, and a plastic doll (sans head), Angelina Jolie cut-out and the legs to pull off a Jolie impersonation.

kanye west halloween costume


Another fake head costume. This time it’s a Kanye West and North West combo!


2. Cereal Killer

Cereal killer Halloween costume idea


A few mini-cereal boxes hot-glued or sewn to a sweater is all it takes to pull this costume off.

Cereal killer easy halloween costume ideas


Add a bit of fake blood and a milk mustache for extra giggles!

adult Halloween costume ideas

Papers You Love

Add a ghost face killer (scream) mask if you have one from a previous year’s costume.


3. 50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey halloween costume


Grab a load of swatches from a hardware store and make a sexy, funny, and easy-to-make 50 Shades of Grey costume.

Easy halloween costume ideas


This couples version is brilliantly done with skirt and tie in swatch form.

Shades of gray costume for halloween

Costume Works

This is the weirdo version ( Mr Grey is after all)

4. One Night Stand

one night stand funny halloween costume

Total Frat Move

This pun-inspired costume is exceptionally easy to make if you’ve got an old night stand hanging around.

funny halloween costumes

 Margie’s World

Love the painted drawers in this version of the costume.

5. Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan halloween costume idea


Another puntastic costume that couldn’t be simpler or funnier.

funny halloween costumes

Cafe Mom

If you are running out of easy Halloween costume ideas, this is a perfect last-minute pun you can pull off.

ceiling fan funny halloween costume.

To Life And To Love

Team ceiling fans!


6. Social Networking Costumes

pinterest halloween costume


Social media idea for Pinterest that requires little more than a cork board and some ribbon.

facebook halloween costume

A Facebook costume that requires a bit of cardboard and little artistic skill.

Instagram halloween costume.



Youtube halloween costume


If you want to increase your chances of success on Halloween this year, this YouTube costume is a pretty good bet.

instagram halloween costume idea


And if you have some extra time, you can make a fully functional Instagram camera like this guy.


7. The Dude

The Dude halloween costume


If you’re sporting long hair and a cool beard, get out that sweater from Grandma and some sunglasses and you become the Dude.

the big lebowski halloween costume


Works with a bathrobe too.

8. An Avocado


pregnant avocado halloween costume


For expectant moms who aren’t into that zombie thing, why not an avocado?

9. Avengers

funny halloween costume idea avangers


If you don’t know which Avenger to choose – go as them all.

avengers halloween costume


Super-funny and camp version of the Avengers costumes.

avengers halloween costume


Be sure to clean that trash can lid thoroughly though.


10. Caught in a Storm Costume

caught in a hurricane costume


An umbrella turned inside out, a bit of hair gel, and a newspaper and leaf taped to the knees – easy-peasy hilarity.

caught in a storm costume


This guy added a “flyaway tie” for effect.

Funny caught in hurricane costume


This lady added a mic, name tag, and other debri to make the costume into a reporter caught in a storm.


11. Cactus Costume

cactus halloween costume

Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Pipe cleaners, a glue gun (or some sewing skills), and green clothes are all you need for this easy and brilliant costume.

homemade cactus costume


This guy added green facepaint to the look.

funny cactus halloween costumes


This lady added a flower to her hair for a more feminine cactus costume.

12. Balloon Costumes

candy bag balloon halloween costume

Her Campus

Love this simple but fantastic idea of a jelly bean costume that is simply a big polythene bag and multi-colored balloons.

family grape halloween costume


How cute is this family of grapes!

sexy grape costume halloween

Her Campus

Remove a few balloons to make a sexy grape costume.


13. Taco Bell Packet Costumes

taco bell hot sauce costumes

Her Campus

Such an easy and fun DIY costume; different colored dresses and a bit of sewing.


taco bell hot sauce costumes


Here’s the male version.


taco bell hot sauce costumes


…and the couples version (with taco)


 14. Saved by the Bell

saved by the bell character costumes halloween


Saved by the Bell characters is a great DIY halloween costume for a group of friends…super retro fun!


saved by the bell character costumes halloween


Couples version, Zack and Kelly costumes.

saved by the bell character costumes halloween


Couples version, Slater and Jessie costumes.


15. Awesome-O (and friends)

south park halloween costume idea


If you’re a fan of South Park, then this super simple costume is good for a ton of laughs!

south park halloween costumes


Here’s a South Park inspired homemade costume with both Awesome-O and Towelie

Halloween costume idea south park


…and here’s some kids as Awesome-O and Captain Chaos!


16. Fantasy Football

fantasy football easy halloween costume


The  worlds of fantasy and football collide in this gloriously funny and punny costume.

fantasy football halloween costume


This guys a real wiz at Halloween costuming.

DIY fantasy football halloween costume


A wizard hat, beard, and football shirt is all you really need for this easy DIY costume!


 17. French kiss

french kiss pun halloween costume


This is our favorite of all the pun costumes – so funny and such little effort to nail!


french kiss halloween homemade costume


A striped shirt, beret, face-paint, and french bread is all that’s required for a French Kiss costume.

french kiss halloween homemade costume


The perfect costume for a small group of friends.


18. Dwight Shrute (and other Office cast)

the office dwight halloween costumes

Original source: TwistedSifter

A Dwight Shrute costume with the famous “stapler in the jello.”

the office halloween costumes


Dwight with his beets!

the office halloween costumes


A fantastic group Office costume – a big chunk of the cast mimicked perfectly.


19. Kevin Bacon

kevin bacon halloween costumes


If your name’s “Kevin” then this is too perfect.


kevin bacon halloween costumes


An amazing homemade Kevin Bacon costume.


20. Piñata

pinata halloween costume


Two Piñatas are better than one!

pinata halloween costume


There’s a bit of work in gluing all the paper to a costume but this is bound to be a hit.


21. Big Bang Theory

big bang theory halloween costume


Get kooky all night with this Sheldon and Amy (Shamy) costume.

big bang theory halloween costume


Original cast costumes – Howard, Raj, Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon.


22. Jet Pack Costume

jet pack halloween costume idea


This looks complicated but it really isn’t. If you’ve got the skill to DIY some fake legs and a pretend jetpack (using a backpack and some tubes) then you’ve got a winning costume.

jet pack halloween costume idea


Up, up, n’ away!

jet pack halloween costume


This jetpack costume was given a cool Boba Fett cosplay flair!

I hope these easy Halloween costume ideas help you with yours. If you are hosting a party, you might want to check out some of our Halloween templates that you can download for free!

What are you gonna wear for this year’s Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.

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