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Run A Bar Where Everyone Knows Your Name: How to Make a Bar Business Card That Gets Cheers

Even in the digital age, business cards have never gone out of style. If you own a bar, you have the opportunity to create a unique business card that communicates the personality of your establishment and brands your business in a memorable way. While many companies need to keep their branding on the conservative side to ensure pleasing a variety of people, bars are associated with nightlife, socializing, cocktails and entertainment. Needless to say, when designing a bar business card, have some fun. You have the opportunity to create a piece of work that really stands out - and helps drive business, too.

Choosing a concept and design

When choosing a concept for your business card, think about how you want to brand your bar. Do you want to go for a straightforward approach or a more artsy look and feel? Think about your bar and clientele and ask yourself strategic questions.

Is there something different about your bar that makes it stand out from others in town? Is there a theme to your bar or bar's menu that you can focus on? If the name of your bar is creative or funny, figure out if there is a play on words you can incorporate visually or into a tagline and include that on your card, too.

You may also want to think about the feel, shape, and size of your card at this time. Do you want simple cards printed on basic card stock or plastic business cards that are a little sturdier? There are plenty of options related to size as well - some prefer mini business cards that are easy to pocket and save and others like die cut business cards in the shape of something specific - like a glass of wine for a cocktail bar or a cowboy hat for a country western tavern. Thinking about your business card design options at this time will help you refine your concept as well - they really go hand in hand.

Getting the right information on your card

Part of fine-tuning your concept and design involves thinking about what information you want your bar business card to include. If you're going for a straightforward feel, use your card as informative real estate and include all your contact information - address, phone number, website, fax, email, and social media sites. If you're going for an artsy approach, you may want to include less contact information, and let the design speak for itself. If you keep information to a minimum though, remember it's still a good idea to include at least a phone number or a website - always leave people with a way to get in touch.