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Get Twice the Promotional Power with 2-in-1 Perf-Out Promotions

Perf-out business card mailers are such a neat little idea to send to your prospective customers. Put your offer on a postcard and send an additional business card promotion for customers to pop-out and put in their wallets.

perf-out business card mailer









The perf-out business card mailer is really different and engaging. Popping out the business card shape is an almost irresistible urge for customers. Especially when you make the pop-out portion into a handy in­store gift­card, online discount, or other wallet-sized offer to take-away.

Here are some great ideas for pop-out promotions:

  • Money-off discount for take-out restaurants (gets your name and number in someone's wallet)
  • Coupon or gift card to send to customers for in­store use
  • "Buy 12 coffees get one free" type of offer to tempt people into your coffee shop
  • Add your real estate agent business card to a local listing mailer
  Snowman perf-outs Shamrock perf-outs  
  postcard snowman perf-outs postcard shamrock perf-outs  
  Flower perf-outs Margarita perf-outs  
  postcard flower perf-outs postcard margarita perf-outs  
  Heart shape perf-outs    
  postcard heart shape perf-outs    

Design and order yours today. It's real easy. Use our start file templates to design your own unique mailer and upload it in minutes before checking out. We also provide an instant calculator in which customers can get an instant price on custom projects such as perf-outs, die cuts, and non-standard print sizes.

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