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Get Logo Stickers in a Wide Range of Shapes & Sizes - Brand All Your Products & Packages!

We provide all custom sizes and shapes of logo stickers

Use every opportunity to promote your name and brand with our selection of sticker sizes. A strong and memorable logo is a powerful marketing tool. Make maximum use of it by putting it on a sticker and get it seen as much as possible.

A well placed sticker with your logo design on it can make anything into a branded product or promotion. Address labels, envelopes, and product labels are a great place to start, but have a look at the ideas below for other ways to spread the word about yourself or your business.


Stick your logo everywhere, logo stickers are perfect for:

  • Making any box or package into a branded package
  • Personal seal for letters and correspondences
  • Gift wrapping
  • On the back of promotional greeting cards
  • On all your store items and product lines
  • Self-promotion -label the back of artwork, posters, prints, and other items to ensure that you are always seen and recognized
  • Great for bands and other musicians to label equipment, give away as gifts, and promote your band name.

A sticker is the kind of extra little touch that helps people remember you. Reinforce your message at every opportunity.



We print oval, round, square in any size you require.

Print & Finish

Our high-quality stickers are printed on 60 lb crack-and-peel sticker stock. Add a high gloss UV finish to provide extra protection and durability.

Custom Orders

Use our new custom calculator tool to easily order any size and shape of sticker you don't see on our site.

To find out more about a specific custom order, call us at 1-855-898-9870 (toll free) to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable service members.