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Rack 'Em Up! 3 Graphic Design Ideas for Printed Rack Cards That Work

A rack card advertises your company or organization in a variety of settings such as hotel lobbies, office buildings, restaurants, and other places. Since they are displayed in areas with considerable foot traffic, they can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Read on for three graphic design ideas that will help you create successful rack cards that promote your business with style.


1. Color Scheme


Color choice is central to any graphic design idea for rack cards or any printed marketing materials. A rack card needs a "wow" factor to stand out from others surrounding it, so consider this when choosing your color scheme. A white background filled with small black text will get lost in the crowd. That is not to say you need neon green, but you can effectively stand out from every other card with an unusual yet appealing scheme. Choose a color and pattern that is eye-catching and a person is likely to reach for your rack card without even knowing the nature of your business. Substitute light tan or cream for white backgrounds and choose colors that complement your logo. In essence, don't be afraid of color; it will make your card pop!


2. Attractive Imagery


In addition to using a logo, an image or a graphic backdrop can complement a rack card. A sport fishing business might choose a photo of the sea as a background. A bakery might feature a soft backdrop of freshly baked breads. The image balances out the text and calls attention to the card. Again, an unusual image will make your rack card noticeable - so give it some thought.


3. Target Your Audience


Fonts, colors and images should be chosen based on a target audience. A health and beauty spa may want to use soft colors and soothing imagery. A car rental agency in a resort community might feature a seaside highway or display their cars. Whether the target group is vacationers or chefs, choose a design that speaks to them.