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How to Dress Up Custom Printed Invitations with Calligraphy Fonts

Hosting a successful event is no easy feat. If you want to throw an affair to remember, whether for business or social purposes, start out by creating a brilliant invitation. One way to do this is by using calligraphy fonts in your design. As long as using such a striking font is appropriate for the event, this little touch can make a lasting impression on your guests and help set the tone for a memorable occasion.

The First Impression

Custom printed invitations deserve a custom envelope, and customizing your envelope will impress invitees with your attention to detail. Use calligraphy on the front of the envelope and you are well on your way to creating a festive mood.

Less is More

After setting the tone with your envelope, do not lose your audience when they open the invitation. Continue the theme and use the same calligraphy fonts on the invite. Though these fonts add a unique touch, use them sparingly, or the invitation will be difficult to read. Highlight the reason for the celebration, names, salutations or closings in calligraphy but use a different, complementary font for critical information such as dates, times, and addresses. This will draw the eye to necessary information and help ensure even skimmers notice all key details.

Follow Through

Although hosts and event organizers may agonize over creating the perfect invitation, many end up sending boring thank-you cards from the nearest drug store. The thank-you note is the last impression your guests will receive of your event. End on a high note and use the same calligraphy font used on your invitations. Not only will it help unify everything, a quality thank-you card will seem extra thoughtful and your guests will notice the effort!