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How to Enhance Plain Packaging With Stickers and Labels

Great product packaging is an integral part of the customer experience, but combined with product development, advertising, and shipping costs, most startup brands and ecommerce sites often leave custom packaging as an afterthought. Some may even argue that it simply isn’t worth the extra cost.

The good news is custom boxes and branded packaging are not the only ways your brand can stand out. Sticker and label printing provide plenty of ways to brand products and elevate the unboxing experience for your customers. The best thing about custom stickers and labels is that they can be used for both form and function. Even with plain packaging, these tiny but mighty printing essentials can do wonders for your brand.

How to Enhance Plain Packaging With Stickers and Labels

Elevate the Unboxing Experience With Stickers and Labels

They key to effective stickers and labels on packaging is seamless branding. Of course, they may vary depending on where they will be placed, but it’s important that when all your products and packaging are put together and they form a coherent design.

Let’s dive in to the unique ways stickers and labels can improve packaging without you going overbudget.

Print logos, slogans, and fun messages.

Custom stickers can be designed in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Instead of printing on the boxes, why not print labels and stickers to decorate your packaging?

Whether it’s for branding, messaging, or promoting your social media handles and hashtags, you can easily design them to match your latest campaign. This saves you money from printing a new set of custom boxes, pouches, and other product packaging. Simply design stickers and labels for that season and update your year-round packaging accordingly.

Design tip: To stand out, choose sticker colors that contrast with your packaging. Plain white is a blank canvas for a vibrant pop of colors and bold typefaces. Brown boxes that give off an eco-friendly aesthetic would match more minimalist designs.

Print logos, slogans, and fun messages

Seal the deal with custom labels.

To achieve that seamless look, custom labels can be used in lieu of plain tape or plastic seals. This not only makes the packaging’s outer appearance more aesthetically pleasing, but it also shows customers how secure their items are. When it comes to packaging, the little details make a difference.

Want a luxurious feel without breaking the bank? Wrap your products in packaging tissue paper, then seal it with a custom sticker for an elegant touch. Consumers are more likely to share unboxing videos of premium packaging and help you stand out to other potential customers.

Design tip: Custom sticker printing lets you print in variety of shapes and sizes that you can use to your advantage. Mix and match to make patterns and experiment with different placements to create eye-catching product packaging.

Seal the deal with custom labels

Use stickers as freebies and packaging slips.

This is a great way to gain brand recognition while maintaining customer loyalty. Stickers and labels are customer gifts that can also be a form of advertising. People like to express themselves, and stickers can encourage them to personalize their things while endorsing brands they’re excited about.

Design tip: Get creative with multiple designs. Take your cue from makeup company Glossier, who includes sticker sheets of on-brand iconography with every customer order – and is recognized as one of the most rapidly successful beauty brands with a huge cult following in the last five years.

Use stickers as freebies and packaging slips

Ready to bring your brand to the next level? It’s easy to start with custom stickers and label printing. Complete the unboxing experience with more printed products like hang tags, packaging sleeves, and gift cards.

At NextDayFlyers, we can help you bring your packaging ideas to life. Whatever your product, we offer a wide selection of custom packaging solutions that will work for you.

Want more money-saving packaging tips? Our top packaging do’s and don’ts can help you decide what type of packaging suits your business and budget.

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