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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Banner Size

Written By: Leslie Taylor | Article Date: May 27, 2022

Banner printing companies often give their clients several options for banner sizes. However, this can be overwhelming for first-timers, especially if they believe that bigger is always better. In this guide, we will help you determine the appropriate dimensions that ensure the effectiveness of your custom banner.

Factors to Consider When Determining Banner Dimensions

Picking the right length and width doesn’t have to be complicated. You can start by answering these three questions:

1. What is the custom banner for?

Vinyl Banners

The purpose of the banner will influence its size. If the banner is for a sports event or festival, it must grab the attention of visitors and attendees and withstand external elements such as rain and UV rays. If it’s an intimate gathering, such as a birthday or engagement party, a smaller banner to inform guests that they are in the right venue would suffice.

2. Where will the custom banner be displayed?

Vinyl Banners

The location dictates not only the banner size but also the banner material. A 120” x 60” (10’ x 5’) 18 oz. matte vinyl banner would be perfect for an outdoor music festival or construction site. However, that size could be over the top for an indoor wedding reception.

3. What will the custom banner look like?

Your custom banner design is the last significant factor that will affect your sizing decision. It must be large enough to be read from a distance, especially if you plan to incorporate blocks of text in the artwork. The letters should be at least three inches tall to be legible to a reader who stands 100 feet away from the banner.

Popular Banner Sizes and Where to Use Them

Here at NextDayFlyers, we offer 11 sizes for our vinyl banners. Here they are according to where they are commonly used:

Small Banners – 24” x 36”, 48” x 24”, 60” x 36”
These banner sizes are best for businesses promoting a sale or in-store event. Typically, this would have only a few words like “Discounted Items,” “Weekend Sale,” “Buy 1 Take 1, Limited Time Only,” or a couple of images highlighting a new product or service. You can use small banners to announce critical updates or share instructions. However, the banner would have to be displayed where passersby can get close enough to read it, such as at the checkout counter or storefront.

Medium Banners – 72” x 24”, 72” x 36”, 72” x 48”
6-foot-long banners are the most popular banner option because of their versatility. The size is not imposing or overpowering against the surroundings, and the length is suitable for horizontal and vertical displays. Additionally, there’s enough space for content. These banner sizes are often chosen by clients taking part in career fairs, trade shows, and sports festivals.

Large Banners – 96” x 24”, 96” x 36”, 96” x 48”, 120 x 36”, 120 x 60”
8 to 10-foot-long banners are ideal for busy locations where your goal is to immediately grab the public’s attention. These banners are often displayed on fences and the sides of buildings, making them excellent for large-scale events like grand openings, Black Friday sales, and concerts.

Other Custom Banner Types to Consider

There are events where a vinyl banner may look out of place, such as weddings or press conferences. For occasions like these, you may want to consider these alternatives:

Retractable Banners - Also known as roll-up banners, retractable banners are typically offered at a standard height (79” or 6.5’) and bundled with a frame. Our custom retractable banners are made of durable poly film and come with a travel bag, so you can conveniently bring them to any indoor event.

Step and Repeat Banners - This type of banner is often spotted at events like product launches and press conferences. Because of its design, custom step and repeat banners can turn every photo into a promotional opportunity. You can choose from five sizes with varying widths when you order a step and repeat banner from NextDayFlyers. The 120” x 96” (10’ x 8’) option can fit up to eight people in a single frame, while the 96” x 60” (8’ x 5’) is perfect for events where people take pictures in pairs, like proms

Tabletop Banners - You’ve probably been to a restaurant where the menu or a photo of the featured dish is propped up on the table. This type of signage is called a tabletop banner, and it’s one of the most effective signages because people are always bound to pick it up and view it up close. Our custom tabletop banners are as large as an A3 sheet of paper, or 11.5” x 16”, and they retract for easy display and storage.

The size of your banner can make or break your brand awareness or promotional efforts. Don’t pick dimensions in haste! If you need help determining the appropriate size for your custom banner, talk to us, and we’ll gladly assist!